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This is my quick review of Fantastic 4 and may contain spoilers.
So, if you don’t want to know anything and you carry on reading anyway it’s your own fault.
You have been warned.

We had the afternoon out without the kids today.
We were celebrating our 21st anniversary in the way we both enjoy by seeing a couple of movies and going out for dinner.

Our first film choice was Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four
I went in with high hopes of another Marvel masterpiece but unfortunately it was far from it.
It lacked everything.
Story, excitement, special effects, the right actors.

I’m afraid that it just did not hit the mark for me.
The characters were simply too young!
They all needed another 5 years minimum to make their characters believable.

The special effects weren’t that special.
A bit of dubious wire work for sue.
Reed’s leaping around using his stretching ability was good but the effect used for him to change his face was exceedingly poor. I’ve seen better in a computer game.
An all CGI Thing wasn’t too bad.
The human torch was done better in the previous two movies.

The story was rushed.
I know it’s a setup movie, but even so, just when we get Doom he’s defeated by the team in record time.
Most of the film is about how the Fantastic 4 become fantastic and how Doom becomes Doom but just as they’re about to get into the swing of things……..BOOM….. Doom is defeated, the world is saved, the team make demands and get a new secret workbase and it’s onto the next movie.
Something else that kind of bugged me too, Reed Richards should be the heart of the team, he never would have run off and left them for a year.

To finish of my disappointment and make it complete, there wasn’t even a clip for anything at the end of the titles!
Very disappointing.

Good job we had a Wagamama’s to cheer us up and the chance for another film to redeem the day.
I desperately wanted to go and see Southpaw again and actually talked Ian into agreeing to it.
He begrudgingly took his seat and said ‘wake me up at the end’. I didn’t care.
However, as the film got going, I noticed he was still paying attention and not snoring.
I have to admit it was actually even better the second time around and when it finished Ian was grinning sheepishly.
He finally admitted he enjoyed it and the words ‘OK, it was actually better than Fantastic 4’ escaped his lips!!

So the day wasn’t a total loss.
My only problem now is that I have to take Marjorie to see Fantastic 4 tomorrow.
I hope she’s not too disappointed.

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  1. This is definitely not looking good for Fox. Honestly, I hope it bombs and Marvel gets the rights back. And I am never one to wish something fails. I also love the X-men series. This is such a huge shame…

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