General diary entries


So today is a milestone.
One of many this year.

The first was Ian’s 50th birthday.
The second was Dharma’s 13th.
We still have Marjorie’s 16th and Murron’s 18th in a couple of months.

Today though, is our 21st anniversary.
21 years….. really?
Where has that time gone?


Time to reminisce and embarrass a few peeps!!

Carly, Rhys and Louise.

015 (2)

Ian and Derek…. nice legs!!

006 (2)

Andrew and Mick…….. erm…..

016 (2)

The Brother. Hasn’t improved much.

005 (3)

Suppose I had better put me in there.
Yes, that’s me on the floor in my wedding dress doing ‘Oops Up’
Mum had kittens!

006 (3)

So, time to abandon the kids for the afternoon and do what we enjoy the most.
A trip to the cinema to see one or two movies and a meal out.

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