General diary entries


One more shift tomorrow before just over two weeks off.
I think I’ve reached that point where I really need the break from the norm.
Unfortunately we cancelled our holiday plans when Ian’s back problems and psoriatic arthritis flared up and when we didn’t know when Marjorie’s surgery was going to be.
So the next few weeks will be time with the family with a few days out instead.

Marjorie’s pre-op assessment is on the 13th and we’ve got some big questions for the surgeon.
I won’t be away from work totally, I will be going in for a couple of days to work alongside the playleaders to help me finish a Unit of college work.
I’m 91% complete and I would like to be totally complete by the end of August, which, apart from tidying up loose ends, is actually doable.

I twisted my knee at work yesterday and I was really expecting it to be stiff and sore today but it’s actually eased off quite a bit.
So I’m being careful today. Good excuse to put my feet up and watch a few movies.
We’ve just booked tickets for ‘Inside Out’ with two of the kids. Dharma NEVER goes to the cinema but she actually wants to see this so I couldn’t say no.
Then tonight there’s an Unlimited screening of ‘Pixels’ that me and Ian are going to.
The house is not too untidy at the moment, I’m sure it can wait a couple of days for a cleaning.

It’s nearly midday, suppose I’d better get dressed!!

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