General diary entries


OK, time to make a complete fool of myself.
I’ve been getting a little feeling lately so I’m going to put it out there.
It would seem I’m not the only one with this feeling either after doing a little internet trawling this evening.
It could just be wishful thinking but I’m hoping not.

A few weeks ago in my ‘Dish of the Week’ dedicated to Chris Pratt, I stated the following….

Apparantly, Steven Spielberg, who was the executive producer on Jurassic World and hand picked Chris for it, is now eyeing Chris up to take on the role of Indiana Jones in the re-boot currently being developed by Disney.
To be completely honest, I can’t think of anyone better suited for it at the moment. He would be perfect!’

Pratt Indiana

I have no idea who’s manipulated image this is but it’s fantastic. If anyone can identify the creator, let me know and I’ll give credit where credit is due!

Anyway, to add to my excitement about that prospect, this week we hear that Disney have announced a Han Solo origin film.
This announcement has since caused a bit of excitement on the internet with everyone and their Mum saying how perfect Chris Pratt would be!!

They are absolutely right!!

At this particular point in time I think Chris Pratt is standing on the precipice of making the biggest career decision he will ever make.
Forget the people who say ‘he’s already being eyed up for Indiana Jones so he can’t possibly do Han Solo!’
Why Not? Harrison Ford did!
It makes complete sense to have the same actor play the same parts in the new movies.
Let’s face it, everyone loves the cheeky but gorgeous Chris Pratt at the moment.
The more we can see of him on the big screen the better is all I can say.

Pratt and Ford


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