Month: July 2015


So I’m chilling out rather nicely now.
The fact I have just over two weeks ahead of me to do what I want is finally sinking in.

The first movie of my annual leave was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and all I can say is…. Tom Cruise is crazy!!!
That plane stunt at the beginning of the movie is amazing. I still can’t believe they actually strapped him to the side of the plane and took off… 8 times!!… to get the shots they needed.
Anyway, they’ve done it again. I thought Ghost Protocol was going to be hard to beat but this one is just as good.

So, it looks like laying in is not going to happen.
I’m waking up at 7 and trying to lay in but not making it past 8.
So I’ve sat here with my milky coffee contemplating things.

As my family will tell you and anyone who reads my blogs will know, I’m addicted to 2 actors.
They are not huge household names like Tom Cruise.
They have both done movies or TV shows that most people have seen at some point.
For some reason they have just clicked with me and I love keeping up with their work and what they get up to out of work.

Karl Urban and Joel Kinnaman

So this morning I was taking a look at them both and having a think.
If I were to be forced to choose between the two of them, who would I pick?

They are both currently filming 2 of the biggest films of next year.
Karl in Star Trek and Joel in Suicide Squad.
This will be Karl’s third outing as Dr McCoy but it is Joel’s first outing as Rick Flagg.
Suicide Squad is DC’s attempt to keep up with The Avengers and I’m hoping it will lead to more for Joel.

They both have one film in post-production and one in pre-production.

Karl was Judge Dredd and Joel was Robocop.
Karl has now been in two big franchises as ‘Eomer’ in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Dr McCoy’ in ‘Star Trek’.
Joel has just entered into a franchise as ‘Rick Flagg’ in ‘Suicide Squad’

Joel has proved himself in TV, both in Sweden with ‘Johan Falk’ and ‘The Killing’ in the US.
Karl has also done TV work with ‘Almost Human’ ‘Comanche Moon’ and ‘Xena, Warrior Princess’

So when it comes to their work they are both on an even keel with around 40 credits each.

Now, outside of work, and this is where I realised things were taking a turn.

Joel loves family and friends and I love that.
Joel likes to party and I can also live with that.
But Joel’s idea of partying revolves around hip hop and unforunately that is as far from my idea of partying as it is possible to get.
As an actor and in the limelight he is my idea of style and fun.
Outside of work when he’s relaxing, dissapointingly, we would have absolutely nothing in common.
It’s good to see him having fun though.

627 441

Karl on the other hand is a dork!!
And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
He’s had a rough year with the breakdown of his marriage but he has two beautiful sons that he dotes on.
Outside of work he is himself, a ‘fan’ of the genre he works in.
He is a Star Trek fan and jumped at the chance to play Dr McCoy. A role he was born to play.
He campaigned to get Dredd filmed.
He’s taken trophies from most of his projects including the helmets of Eomer and Dredd.
He thrives on the convention circuit, not just as a guest but as a fan.
Karl comes across as the kind of guy you could quite happily have dinner and a beer with and end up talking about sci-fi.

Karl Nerd

So, when it come to their work, they are neck and neck.
But I’m afraid, Karl is the winner as the all rounder.
In and out of work, I love this man but I think if Me and the husband were to ever have the chance for that dinner and a beer I would lose out.
I can see it now, the conversation would end up with the husband and Karl talking Judge Dredd and I would be left to just sit and listen.
I could live with that!!


First day of annual leave and the first job to do is unwind and stop thinking about work!!
I woke up this morning with yesterday’s events running around in my head wondering if I managed to do everythng I could and trying to think if I’d ordered everything that needed ordering and told people to expect it.
I just don’t seem to be able to switch it off!!

So, the plan for the next few days is to start gutting the house!!
It’s in dire need of a spring clean and that’s going to take a few days.
When that’s done it’s time for some college work. I’ve got one unit to re-submit after a couple of outcomes have been expanded on and then I can finish the prep work on my final unit before spending a couple of days with the playleaders at work to complete it.

BUT…. to kick it all off, and to try and switch into annual leave mode, I’m off to the cinema with Marjorie to see the first showing of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation!!


One more shift tomorrow before just over two weeks off.
I think I’ve reached that point where I really need the break from the norm.
Unfortunately we cancelled our holiday plans when Ian’s back problems and psoriatic arthritis flared up and when we didn’t know when Marjorie’s surgery was going to be.
So the next few weeks will be time with the family with a few days out instead.

Marjorie’s pre-op assessment is on the 13th and we’ve got some big questions for the surgeon.
I won’t be away from work totally, I will be going in for a couple of days to work alongside the playleaders to help me finish a Unit of college work.
I’m 91% complete and I would like to be totally complete by the end of August, which, apart from tidying up loose ends, is actually doable.

I twisted my knee at work yesterday and I was really expecting it to be stiff and sore today but it’s actually eased off quite a bit.
So I’m being careful today.¬†Good excuse to put my feet up and watch a few movies.
We’ve just booked tickets for ‘Inside Out’ with two of the kids. Dharma NEVER goes to the cinema but she actually wants to see this so I couldn’t say no.
Then tonight there’s an Unlimited screening of ‘Pixels’ that me and Ian are going to.
The house is not too untidy at the moment, I’m sure it can wait a couple of days for a cleaning.

It’s nearly midday, suppose I’d better get dressed!!


I’ve just spent a rainy afternoon sat in the cinema all on my own.
I wanted to see ‘Southpaw’ and nobody was interested in seeing it with me.
I ended up being wedged in between two blondes (I hate to use the word dumb) but they had both obviously been dragged along by their boyfriends and didn’t really want to be there.
I very nearly planted my face in my palm when I heard one of them say ‘how did they come up with the title for this film anyway, it makes no sense!!’
The other one very nearly got her bag of popcorn stuffed over her head as she persisted in shaking it to ‘get the coating all over it’.
But even these two were on the edge of their seats by the end and I think they really enjoyed it.

I felt like Billy no mates, much like Jake Gyllenhaal in this movie as he played Billy Hope, a world champion boxer who loses everything… literally…. and fights to get it all back in more ways than one.

Southpaw 6

Southpaw 5

Apart from being one of the most predictable storylines in history, it was actually a lot better than I expected it to be.
Jake Gyllenhaal transforms himself completely yet again and pulls off an astounding performance.

Southpaw 7
Oona Laurence, who plays Billy’s daughter Hope, gives a heart wrenching performance and was perfectly cast to play opposite Jake as together they have an amazing on screen chemistry.

Southpaw 1

The film itself takes the audience through a barrage of emotions from extreme highs of happiness to rock bottom, gut wrenching sadness.
At one point, shortly after Billy’s daughter slaps him repeated and screams ‘I hate you’ at him while being dragged out of the room, I actually just wanted to give Billy the biggest hug.
There are also moments of humour, most notably with Forest Whitaker who plays ‘Tick’, a boxing trainer who helps Billy get back on top again.

Southpaw 8

Basically, if you like roller coasters, you’ll love Southpaw.


For my friends who are into Sons of Anarchy.
Check this out!!

King Arthur


Charlie with a hair cut, leaned up and muscled up!
Yum, Yum, Yum.

He is apparantly playing King Arthur in a Knights of the Round Table movie that is currently filming, however, I’m seriously doubting the quality of the production as they are also listing David Beckham in the cast.
That for me is an immediate warning sign….. but I could be wrong.


OK, so I made a decision today.
I want to be able to wear skirts and dresses and shorts again.
Unfortunately at the moment, dresses just look like tents on me and I’m not comfortable wearing skirts or shorts.
So, my aim is to be able to wear dresses again by next summer.
It’s doable.
Especially if I kick start my walking again.

About 9 or 10 years ago I lost 42 pounds (3 stones) in just three months by simply tweaking what I ate and drank and walking a lot.
I used to power walk for an hour 3 or 4 times a week.
Unfortunately it tailed off over the summer with all the kids at home to look after and then winter arrived and I never wanted to go out walking.
I completely lost all my motivation and I’ve never got it back again.

So, tonight I came up with a cunning plan!
I have invested in a motorised treadmill.
I will be able to power walk my way through a movie 3 or 4 or more times a week!!
No excuses about bad weather in the winter either.

It’s arriving around Tuesday next week so I have a few days to enjoy what’s left in my fridge and cupboards before I start to be sensible again.

Right, now that decision has been made, what to do tonight?
I found out today that if I average at least one episode a day, I should be able to make it through the entire series of the X-files before the new show starts in January.
So, it’s major re-cap time in the hope that the new show lives up to expectation!

HOLY S#@#!!!

The end of this month sees the release of Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation.
I, for one, can’t wait.
I’ve always loved the Mission Impossible movies and they are one of the few franchises that seem to get better and better.
I absolutely loved ‘Ghost Protocol’
The addition of Simon Pegg over the last couple of movies has been golden!

By now, we’ve all seen this juicy trailer for Rogue Nation……

By the end it’s a case of ‘WOW’ they’ve done it again and that last scene with the plane is hilarious (the other door!!!) and the effect of Tom on the side of the plane is amazing and and and….. breath……
This morning I find out that it isn’t a special effect!


They actually strapped Tom Cruise to the side of a plane.
They took off and flew around for a while with a multi million pound star strapped to the side of a plane.
Don’t believe me?
Check this out!!

I am speechless.