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Today was supposed to be a gardening day.
It’s been a lovely week with the weather but I wake up this morning to rain!!

So, after a few chores the day is going to be a chillout day instead.

I’ve been tinkering around on the internet for a bit and found out about a new show starting this autumn.
I say new but it’s actually a re-boot.

Back in 2006 a show hit our screens and was a bit of a smash hit!

A show about common people who discover they have superpowers and their stories intertwine in order to save the world from different threats.
It came with the tagline ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’

It had some amazing characters…

Claire Bennet played by Hayden Panettiere.
She was ‘the cheerleader’ and she was practically indestructible.

Heroes 1

Hiro was played by Masi Oka.
He discovered he could control time and and teleport and he made it his mission to ‘save the cheerleader and save the world’

Heroes 2

Peter Petrelli played by Milo Ventimiglia.
He discovered he could take on the power of any other ‘mutant’ by coming into close contact with them.

Heroes 3

The deliciously twisted Sylar played by Zachary Quinto.
His mission was to ‘collect’ powers from other mutants by taking it from their brains!

Heroes 4

These were just a few of the brilliant characters that lead to scenes like this…..

Unfortunately, as good as the show was, it got caught up in a big writers strike and lost its momentum.
It came crashing to an end after 4 seasons, leaving us believing that ‘Claire’ was about to ‘out’ the mutants to the world to protect them.

So, someone has thankfully thought that there is still some life in this show and is re-booting it!
After seeing this trailer, it’s looking good.

Don’t know if it will have the same impact as the first season of the original show but it’s looking promising.

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