General diary entries


It’s been a pretty productive day today.
It was an early start as I had to get Marjorie out of bed and off to school for 06:45!

She’s gone to Portsmouth with the rest of the Rock Challenge Crew for the finals of the 2015 ‘Rock Challenge’
The school has never made it to the finals before and she’s pretty excited.
Her crew were due to have their rehearsal slot at 15:45.
The actual performance will be later this evening and then presentations when all finished.
She is due back in Bedford between 2 and 3 am Saturday!!
Thankfully I’m working tomorrow (never thought I’d say that) so it’s Ian’s job to pick up.
However, she’s agreed to go back to school at 8am to help unload the van and then she’s off into town with friends.
She is going to be a zombie on Sunday.

Anyway, after that I cleaned my oven.
I had it all soaking in Oven Pride over night and WOW!! why have I never used that stuff before!

After that I went out to breakfast with the hubster.
We took both cars with us because after breakfast we took them to the local handwash.
Then we did a Tesco shop .
When we got home I hoovered both the cars out.
They are lovely and sparkly again.

After all that I actually managed to get some college work done.
I’ve just been for a cuppa with Mum and now I plan to finish this unit of college work and get it loaded into my online portfolio.
Well ahead of schedule!!


Oh yes, then I’m dropping Dad and a friend up at the gold course before putting my feet up and relaxing.
It’s going to be tough few days.
I’m working 4 out of the next 5 days, so that’s 50 hours in just 5 days.
It will be nice knowing I won’t have to think about the college work on the two days off I have after that.

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