Dish of the Weeks


Number 61 is Chris Pratt….. again!

OK, I know he was Dish of the Week #59 but at that time I described him as a “strange attraction.”

Well, after spending waaaay too much time watching him in various interviews and TV appearances on Youtube, watching some of Parks and Recreation, Watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for the umpteenth time and going to see ‘Jurassic World’ twice already, I can safely say that he has been upgraded from ‘strange attraction’ to full on ‘hottie’!

Chris Pratt is adorable!
He’s not all about his appearance and actually prefers to be a little meatier. He loves his food.
However, we must thank whoever it was that saw Chris in Parks and Recreation and then thought he’d be a perfect Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy turning Chris from this…….

chris pratt 6 chris pratt 7

into this!…….

chris pratt 9 chris pratt 8

He’s is a cheeky chubster!

chris pratt 10

But boy does he buff up well!

chris pratt 11 chris pratt 12

chris pratt 4

He comes across as a bit of a dork which makes him all the more adorable.
He also seems like a really down to earth guy who loves to have fun.

You have to feel sorry for Chris though because now he’s hot property!
He’s currently filming a remake of the Magnificent 7 and has another sci-fi in pre-production, so he needs to stay in shape.
No pizza and beer.

We know there’s definately going to be another Guardians of the Galaxy and there is a rumour…..
I like this rumour!!!

Apparantly, Steven Spielberg, who was the executive producer on Jurassic World and hand picked Chris for it, is now eyeing Chris up to take on the role of Indiana Jones in the re-boot currently being developed by Disney.
To be completely honest, I can’t think of anyone better suited for it at the moment. It would be perfect!

So, watch this space, it could be getting filled with lots of Chris along with Joel and although it may seem like I’ve forgotten about him, Karl too!!

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