General diary entries


Enough is enough!

I am fed up with fighting to get anything done in this house.
Me and Ian both work full time shifts.
I do 12.5 hour shifts but it only takes me 15 minutes to get into and out of work.
I am currently also doing level 3 Health and Social Care which has to be done in my own time on my days off.
Ian does 12 hour days and nights but has an additional hour of driving to get to work and another hour to get home.
Ian is struggling with chronic back pain and psoriatic arthritis at the moment so doing anything on his days off is not always possible.
I have my Mum to help and she does an amazing job keeping on top of my washing and ironing so all that’s left to do is a bit of tidying and cleaning.
Oh and the garden!!

So here is my issue.

I am fed up with walking into my kitchen and finding that it has been used by everyone and everyone couldn’t be bothered to wipe the sides down.
There are pots strewn all over. Some on the sides, some in the sink and some on the drainer.
They can’t even find the dishwasher which is under the bloody sink!!
Nobody fills it…..
Nobody empties it…… unless they are asked to.
Why do I have to even ask?
Don’t even get me started on the bins.
Squashing the rubbish down to squeeze more into the top should indicate that that the bin needs emptying.

My bathroom and toilet.
Nobody cleans them.
The towels are left to wreek until I wash them.
The sink is used as a dump site.
Toothpaste with lid off, tooth brushes, soap, flannels, cup and other odds and ends all crammed around the sink.
Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown into the bath.
Empty toilet rolls on the floor.
Empty toilet roll holder, half used toilet rolls on every surface except the toilet roll holder.

The hallway is a dumping ground for every jacket, pair of shoes, bags and rubbish imaginable.

My family get surprised and angry at me when I have a go at them for it all.
I’m sorry but quite simply ‘I DON’T GET A DAY OFF!!!’

It may be my day off from work but I am still doing little chores to make sure everyone is catered for.
So far today I have tidied the kitchen, sorted some washing and done a Tesco shop to make sure there’s stuff for packups for school.
I’ve still got some college work to do but I would like to put my feet up for a bit and do some channel hopping.
So was it any wonder I got angry when I come in from Tescos to find that one of the kids has spread themselves all over MY living room, shut all the curtains and taken over the TV to watch some rubbish called ‘Catfish’ the movie.
They didn’t take my hint about clearing out and got angry ‘WITH ME’ for being unreasonable.


Who works bloody hard to help pay the bills in this house?
Who gives you all pocket money, saves to give you extra spending money over the summer, gives you extra money here and there all the time anyway, pays contracts on all your mobiles, pays for a bus pass for one of you to get to college and still falls for ‘I’ve missed my bus will you drive me?’
Who deserves to be able to use the living when she bloody wants to and not when dictated by the kids!!!

So for one child in particular the ride is over.
Nanny will be under orders not to clear her room of washing.
She will be responsible for her own washing and ironing.
If she runs out of clean underwear, tough!!
The washing fairy has left the building.
Now that she has finished college until Sept, she has plenty of time to find a job.
I don’t care if that job has nothing to do with cars, a job is a job.
Get out of bed before noon and get looking.

As for the rest of the family, they need to stop walking past the mess and waiting for someone else to clear it.
I don’t care if it’s not their mess, just deal with it!

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