General diary entries


Enough is enough now.

I’m into day 5 of a wopping cold.
It has now nestled nicely in both ears so I am completely deaf and a bit dizzy!!
I look like I’m constantly crying because my eyes are streaming.
I can’t breath through my nose so I’m mouth breathing which means cracked lips!
I do get a little relief from nasal sprays but it doesn’t last long.
I’m tired, achy and my face feels really puffy.

I did my best at work yesterday but by 2pm I was beaten.
So, what to do today?

Do I veg on the sofa and feel sorry for myself?
Do I spend time on the computer still feeling sorry for myself?
Or do I try and spend some time in the glorious sun that’s appeared this morning and still feel sorry for myself?

I think I may just venture into the garden for a couple of hours and try a little tidy up and see what flowers have shown themselves so far this year.
Soaking up the sun and getting some fresh air may do me some good.
Then I think I’ll veg out on the sofa.
I could also spend some time messing around on the computer so I could actually do all three!!

Sounds like I have a busy day ahead of me doing absolutely nothing!!

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