General diary entries


That’s how I feel right now.

It started Sunday morning with the tell tail signs of a little bit of irritation at the back of my nose and by Monday morning it was a full on head cold.
Eyes streaming, nose running like a broken tap, head thumping, unable to breath through my nose.
I suppose it was innevitable. I’ve been quite lucky over the last couple of years and have managed to avoid the dreaded cold.
Today is not as bad as I was expecting.
I got myself up, had a shower, dosed myself to the eyeballs and used some nasal spray to clear the sinus.
I’m actually feeling a little bit more human than I did yesterday although it seems to be settling in my ears and I feel like my head is in a bucket of water.
Thankfully I was able to swap my shift at work today to give me another day off to try an recover a little.

So, opportunity to get a little college work done or feet up to veg out on the sofa for the day?
How about a little of both?
I think that’s a good compromise.

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