Month: June 2015


Today was supposed to be a gardening day.
It’s been a lovely week with the weather but I wake up this morning to rain!!

So, after a few chores the day is going to be a chillout day instead.

I’ve been tinkering around on the internet for a bit and found out about a new show starting this autumn.
I say new but it’s actually a re-boot.

Back in 2006 a show hit our screens and was a bit of a smash hit!

A show about common people who discover they have superpowers and their stories intertwine in order to save the world from different threats.
It came with the tagline ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’

It had some amazing characters…

Claire Bennet played by Hayden Panettiere.
She was ‘the cheerleader’ and she was practically indestructible.

Heroes 1

Hiro was played by Masi Oka.
He discovered he could control time and and teleport and he made it his mission to ‘save the cheerleader and save the world’

Heroes 2

Peter Petrelli played by Milo Ventimiglia.
He discovered he could take on the power of any other ‘mutant’ by coming into close contact with them.

Heroes 3

The deliciously twisted Sylar played by Zachary Quinto.
His mission was to ‘collect’ powers from other mutants by taking it from their brains!

Heroes 4

These were just a few of the brilliant characters that lead to scenes like this…..

Unfortunately, as good as the show was, it got caught up in a big writers strike and lost its momentum.
It came crashing to an end after 4 seasons, leaving us believing that ‘Claire’ was about to ‘out’ the mutants to the world to protect them.

So, someone has thankfully thought that there is still some life in this show and is re-booting it!
After seeing this trailer, it’s looking good.

Don’t know if it will have the same impact as the first season of the original show but it’s looking promising.


I decided to make the most of this day off between 4 long days.
I dragged the hubster out of bed and after a bit of a tidy up and Murron’s trip to the dentist, we made our way to MK to watch a film.
We went to see Man Up, a Simon Pegg rom com and it was pretty good.
We followed that with an obligatory trip to Wagamamas for some noodles.

Back in Bedford I dropped Ian off at home in time for the kids to get in from school and I disappeared to Tesco to see this weeks round up of DVD releases.
I can honestly say it was a really difficult decision to make today……. NOT!!

The new releases included 50 Shades of Grey with Jamie Dornan and Blackhat with Chris Hemsworth.
Let me see… 50 Shades or Blackhat? 50 Shades or Blackhat?
Easiest decision EVER!!!
Blackhat won hands down.
Chris Hemsworth could have been in a film as Postman Pat and it would have been the easiest decision ever.

Now, it had better be a good film after all that.
It’s one I actually missed at the cinema.


It’s been a pretty productive day today.
It was an early start as I had to get Marjorie out of bed and off to school for 06:45!

She’s gone to Portsmouth with the rest of the Rock Challenge Crew for the finals of the 2015 ‘Rock Challenge’
The school has never made it to the finals before and she’s pretty excited.
Her crew were due to have their rehearsal slot at 15:45.
The actual performance will be later this evening and then presentations when all finished.
She is due back in Bedford between 2 and 3 am Saturday!!
Thankfully I’m working tomorrow (never thought I’d say that) so it’s Ian’s job to pick up.
However, she’s agreed to go back to school at 8am to help unload the van and then she’s off into town with friends.
She is going to be a zombie on Sunday.

Anyway, after that I cleaned my oven.
I had it all soaking in Oven Pride over night and WOW!! why have I never used that stuff before!

After that I went out to breakfast with the hubster.
We took both cars with us because after breakfast we took them to the local handwash.
Then we did a Tesco shop .
When we got home I hoovered both the cars out.
They are lovely and sparkly again.

After all that I actually managed to get some college work done.
I’ve just been for a cuppa with Mum and now I plan to finish this unit of college work and get it loaded into my online portfolio.
Well ahead of schedule!!


Oh yes, then I’m dropping Dad and a friend up at the gold course before putting my feet up and relaxing.
It’s going to be tough few days.
I’m working 4 out of the next 5 days, so that’s 50 hours in just 5 days.
It will be nice knowing I won’t have to think about the college work on the two days off I have after that.


Number 61 is Chris Pratt….. again!

OK, I know he was Dish of the Week #59 but at that time I described him as a “strange attraction.”

Well, after spending waaaay too much time watching him in various interviews and TV appearances on Youtube, watching some of Parks and Recreation, Watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ for the umpteenth time and going to see ‘Jurassic World’ twice already, I can safely say that he has been upgraded from ‘strange attraction’ to full on ‘hottie’!

Chris Pratt is adorable!
He’s not all about his appearance and actually prefers to be a little meatier. He loves his food.
However, we must thank whoever it was that saw Chris in Parks and Recreation and then thought he’d be a perfect Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy turning Chris from this…….

chris pratt 6 chris pratt 7

into this!…….

chris pratt 9 chris pratt 8

He’s is a cheeky chubster!

chris pratt 10

But boy does he buff up well!

chris pratt 11 chris pratt 12

chris pratt 4

He comes across as a bit of a dork which makes him all the more adorable.
He also seems like a really down to earth guy who loves to have fun.

You have to feel sorry for Chris though because now he’s hot property!
He’s currently filming a remake of the Magnificent 7 and has another sci-fi in pre-production, so he needs to stay in shape.
No pizza and beer.

We know there’s definately going to be another Guardians of the Galaxy and there is a rumour…..
I like this rumour!!!

Apparantly, Steven Spielberg, who was the executive producer on Jurassic World and hand picked Chris for it, is now eyeing Chris up to take on the role of Indiana Jones in the re-boot currently being developed by Disney.
To be completely honest, I can’t think of anyone better suited for it at the moment. It would be perfect!

So, watch this space, it could be getting filled with lots of Chris along with Joel and although it may seem like I’ve forgotten about him, Karl too!!


Enough is enough!

I am fed up with fighting to get anything done in this house.
Me and Ian both work full time shifts.
I do 12.5 hour shifts but it only takes me 15 minutes to get into and out of work.
I am currently also doing level 3 Health and Social Care which has to be done in my own time on my days off.
Ian does 12 hour days and nights but has an additional hour of driving to get to work and another hour to get home.
Ian is struggling with chronic back pain and psoriatic arthritis at the moment so doing anything on his days off is not always possible.
I have my Mum to help and she does an amazing job keeping on top of my washing and ironing so all that’s left to do is a bit of tidying and cleaning.
Oh and the garden!!

So here is my issue.

I am fed up with walking into my kitchen and finding that it has been used by everyone and everyone couldn’t be bothered to wipe the sides down.
There are pots strewn all over. Some on the sides, some in the sink and some on the drainer.
They can’t even find the dishwasher which is under the bloody sink!!
Nobody fills it…..
Nobody empties it…… unless they are asked to.
Why do I have to even ask?
Don’t even get me started on the bins.
Squashing the rubbish down to squeeze more into the top should indicate that that the bin needs emptying.

My bathroom and toilet.
Nobody cleans them.
The towels are left to wreek until I wash them.
The sink is used as a dump site.
Toothpaste with lid off, tooth brushes, soap, flannels, cup and other odds and ends all crammed around the sink.
Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown into the bath.
Empty toilet rolls on the floor.
Empty toilet roll holder, half used toilet rolls on every surface except the toilet roll holder.

The hallway is a dumping ground for every jacket, pair of shoes, bags and rubbish imaginable.

My family get surprised and angry at me when I have a go at them for it all.
I’m sorry but quite simply ‘I DON’T GET A DAY OFF!!!’

It may be my day off from work but I am still doing little chores to make sure everyone is catered for.
So far today I have tidied the kitchen, sorted some washing and done a Tesco shop to make sure there’s stuff for packups for school.
I’ve still got some college work to do but I would like to put my feet up for a bit and do some channel hopping.
So was it any wonder I got angry when I come in from Tescos to find that one of the kids has spread themselves all over MY living room, shut all the curtains and taken over the TV to watch some rubbish called ‘Catfish’ the movie.
They didn’t take my hint about clearing out and got angry ‘WITH ME’ for being unreasonable.


Who works bloody hard to help pay the bills in this house?
Who gives you all pocket money, saves to give you extra spending money over the summer, gives you extra money here and there all the time anyway, pays contracts on all your mobiles, pays for a bus pass for one of you to get to college and still falls for ‘I’ve missed my bus will you drive me?’
Who deserves to be able to use the living when she bloody wants to and not when dictated by the kids!!!

So for one child in particular the ride is over.
Nanny will be under orders not to clear her room of washing.
She will be responsible for her own washing and ironing.
If she runs out of clean underwear, tough!!
The washing fairy has left the building.
Now that she has finished college until Sept, she has plenty of time to find a job.
I don’t care if that job has nothing to do with cars, a job is a job.
Get out of bed before noon and get looking.

As for the rest of the family, they need to stop walking past the mess and waiting for someone else to clear it.
I don’t care if it’s not their mess, just deal with it!


After almost 4 years of waiting I will finally get to see Karl Urban in ‘The Loft’ tomorrow.
This film wrapped production in July 2011 but has been shipped from pillar to post and been caught up in legal wranglings ever since.
It was finally released in the US in January and had a very limited worldwide release.
It certainly never made it any where close enough for me to go and see.

Tomorrow sees it released to Bluray and Amazon Prime.
I get the distinct feeling it’s one I won’t be finding at Tescos!
I’ll just have to watch it on Prime and order the Bluray.

Anyway, back to today.
I need to get some college work done today.
There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
Not much more to do before completion and I can safely say I won’t be doing it again!!

Last night didn’t go quite to plan.
I was having a lovely little catchup with family at Uncle Phil’s birthday party and enjoying a couple of glasses of vino when I got a panic phone call from Dharma who had fallen down the stairs and hurt her ankle.
So a couple of hours were spent down in A&E getting it x-rayed only to find out it was badly sprained.
Better safe than sorry!
Anyway, she’s putting weight on it this morning and although it’s still very sore she is at least walking.

Need to go and get the kids packup stuff from Tesco first though.
My life is soooo exciting!


Today is going to be a good day.

A nice slow morning.
Out for breakfast with hubster a bit later.
But at lunch time we are going to the cinema to see the new chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise, ‘Jurassic World’!
Dinosaurs in 3D!

Chris Pratt made it to my Dish of the Week list last year at number 59 and at the time I called him a “strange attraction”.
Since then I have seen him in more interviews and behind the scenes snippets and to be completely honest, I now love the guy!
He’s such a dork and he seems so down to earth and just plain happy!