Dish of the Weeks


This is going to be brief because I feel like poo!!
I’ve got a head cold brewing quite nicely.
I’ve done some chores and done some shopping.
The college work can take a leap off a cliff today.

As you may have noticed in the last few posts, I have become a little addicted to ‘The Arrow’
Not only that but I have come to realise what an absolute babe Stephen Amell is!!

Stephen Amell 1

Stephen Amell 2

Stephen Amell 3

Stephen Amell 4

He has competition though because his cousin, Robbie Amell, made it to my Dish list first at number 48!!

Stephen and Robbie 2

Robbie abs Stephen abs 2

Robbie vs Stephen. Battle of the abs!!!

Can’t get enough of him at the moment.
He will be hitting big screens next year as he takes on the role of Casey Jones in the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

stepehn casey

I hope we get to see the pretty eyes behind the mask a bit more!!

Anyway, I am now going to go and die on the sofa while trying to catch up with the 3rd season of the Arrow!!

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