General diary entries


It’s been a good weekend so far.

I managed not one, but two decent lay ins!!
I usually can’t get past 8am these days but yesterday was nearly 10am and today was 9am.
After a crazy busy week I must have needed it!

I did a little bit of gardening yesterday morning and had a lovely afternoon helping to celebrate my Uncle Roy’s 60th birthday.

It was lovely just sitting in the garden having a chat and a few drinks.

Me and Murron
Unfortunately, it was all too brief as little Dharma wanted to come home and wouldn’t go on her own.
She’s not great in crowds and to be honest, I was shattered anyway.

So, after my lay in this morning, I’ve just done a quick Tesco shop and now I have a decision to make.
Do I do a little more gardening?
Do I do some college work that is slipping a little behind again?
Or do I crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a movie or two?

Looking at my rota for next week I’m working Long Days Mon, Weds and Thurs.
Tuesday the Mondeo is in for an MOT in the morning, the kids have got a dental appointment at 16:00 and I’m going to an evening event at the Vets in Brickhill with Marjorie until around 21:30.

I’ve got Fri, Sat and Sunday off!!

After a little think I have decided to do a little gardening and then chill with some wine and a movie.
I can do some college work on Tues and over the weekend next week and at least my garden will be nice and tidy so if the weather is good I can do that in the garden!!


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