General diary entries


So, Marjorie had her visit with the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday.
The decision has been made to go ahead with surgery to try and tidy up the joint to ‘hopefully’ reduce her pain.
The pain is unlikely to be any worse but they can’t guarantee any improvement either.
There may be a need for further surgery down the road.

Of course, now that we’ve had time to process and think about what we were told yesterday, we now have quite a few questions that I wish I had thought about yesterday.
If this doesn’t work, what exactly is the next step?
If, when he goes in to try and tidy up the joint, it’s worse than he suspected, can he go ahead and into the next step instead of waiting?
Will she be weight bearing, non weight bearing or heel walking after the surgery?
How long is the recovery period and will she be in a plaster?

Guess we’ll just have to wait until pre-assessment to find out.

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