General diary entries


Well, after a horrible day we had an even more horrible evening.
At about 23:30 there was a horrendous bang outside the house shortly followed by some screaming.
It soon became clear that there had been an accident.
I ran outside, in my PJ’s,  with phone in hand to call 999.

A car had somehow managed to hit a biker and after her airbags deployed she’d panicked, swung around and straight over the lampost opposite the house.
She hit the bike so hard it completely shattered all over the road and surrounding paths. The car completely lost it’s front end after it ‘snapped’ the lampost clean in two.

So while Ian ran over the road to try and get the biker to calm down, stop moving and stop trying to take his helmet off, I talked to 999 trying to give them as much information as I could.
Other neighbours joined us and decided to control traffic before the police arrived.

The biker got away very lucky. He was conscious, talking and didn’t appear to have much more than cuts and bruises.
The driver of the car was in complete shock and started to have chest pains so another ambulance was called.

After the ambulances had cleared the scene, the police set to work getting the area cleared and the lampost made safe.

Another day, but this one is starting off much better.
The sun is actually shining today and the wind of the last few days has all but disappeared.
So far, I’m feeling fine and the tummy is nice and settled.

I will be off to the hospital with Marjorie a little later this morning.
I’m not exactly looking forward to this meeting and neither is Marjorie.
The steroid injections she’s had over the last year haven’t touched the pain in her foot and I would say she’s actually been in more pain over the last couple of months than she’s ever had since this condition all started.
The way the surgeon was talking at the last meeting, we both suspect we could be walking away with a surgical decision today.
But let’s not dwell on that thought until we have an answer.

Right, coffee, chill!!

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