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I told you! and I’m not apologising.

I started to have a little snoop around the internet for information on Rick Flagg, the character Joel Kinnaman is playing in the DC’s Suicide Squad.

Rick Flagg 1  Rick Flagg 2

According to Wikipedia, in the comic universe there have been three Rick Flagg’s.
Richard Montgomery Flagg who led a division in World War II called the Suicide Squad.
Rick Flagg Jr who was tapped by the government to lead the new Suicide Squad.
Rick Flagg III who doesn’t appear to have lead the team at all but was introduced in Suicide Squad #50

From what I can tell, they are going with Rick Flagg Jr for the movie.
The government want Rick Flagg to head up a team of supervillains. A task he is not overly happy with.

So there’s something I didn’t know.
Joel’s character is not one of the super villains but he is in charge of them!

Joel has been really throwing himself into the role.
He landed in hospital this week after tearing his bicep during filming.
He Instagrammed his war wound.


Poor baby, he’s looking a little pasty!!
Hopefully he’s back on his feet quickly.

So there you have it.
The first of many posts about Suicide Squad and Rick Flagg.

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