General diary entries


Today started off bad and carried on that way.
I was all set for work.
Got up, took a shower and got dressed as usual but all the time something didn’t feel quite right.
The tummy was gurgling a bit.

I came downstairs for my usual morning cuppa before leaving for work but the tummy still didn’t feel quite right.
Then about 10 minutes before I was due to leave my tummy let me down.
So, no work today.

Stupid thing is, I didn’t feel unwell, I just had a dicky tummy.

So I had a brainwave.
I wasn’t going to miss this oportunity.
As I couldn’t go anywhere I decided to gut Murron’s bedroom.
It turned into one of those jobs you wish you’d never started.
At the end of it I really felt like I should get a tetanus jab!
It was disgusting.

Anyway, that took most of the day.
The tummy has stopped gurgling.
I am now going to pick a film and put my feet up for the night.

It’s crunch time for Marjorie tomorrow.
She has an orthopaedic appointment about her foot.
I’m half expecting a surgical outcome but we’ll just have to wait and see.
Technically I shouldn’t be going anywhere for another 48 hours but there’s no one else available to take her and I’m not re-scheduling as that could delay things by months!
Hopefully we’ll be in and out really quickly.

I just hope the tummy stays settled over night!

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