General diary entries


Here we are at the end of April already!
It’s not been a bad year so far.
Yes, we have ongoing medical issues with the hubster, Marjorie and Dharma, but all in all, we’ve kept our heads above water and just keep plodding along.

We pushed the budget and invested in a new three piece suit.
That alone has made a huge difference. It’s so much more supportive for me and Ian and we don’t spend half an hour trying to get up out of it!!
With the help of my Dad letting us have his old Mondeo on a pay later basis, Ian now has the bigger automatic car he desperately needed and I was able to treat myself to a sporty little convertable. The kids love it too, even though I can only comfortably get one of them in at a time, or two in at a squeeze!

I am just over 80% finished on my college course.
It’s gone a lot more smoothly than I expected it to but the last few units are going to be really tough.
Coming into the sunny weather with my garden taking over, it going to get harder and harder to get the will power to sit at the computer trying to get the work done.
But once it’s done, that’s it!
Never again.

Marjorie had a bit of a lightbulb moment yesterday.
She’s been struggling with knowing which way to take her career.
She desperately wanted to join the RAF but unfortunately she had to give that idea up fairly quickly because she just wouldn’t make it through the physical because of her orthopaedic problems.
She had a talk at school yesterday on careers with animals and has decided on Veterinary nursing!
She now knows she wants to stay on in sixth form. Before that talk she just didn’t have a clue what her plans would be.
We now just have to see what the surgeon suggests when we go and see him next week.
I have to admit, I’m half expecting a surgical outcome this time around which could make things interesting right in the middle of her GCSE years.

So that’s it.
We are now on a strict 5 year plan.
By then, our youngest will be 18!! and that’s a little bit scary.
I’m expecting, at least 1 but maybe 2 of the kids out in the big wide world doing their own thing.
5 years ( all being well) will see finances clear and Ian will be at an age to think about retiring early.
With his Psoriatic arthritis going the way it is, he probably won’t make it to full retirement.

I can safely say that we will continue to pay for our Cineworld Unlimited cards.
I worked out today that this year we’ve already seen enough films to cover the cost of the cards for the year!
So every film for the next 8 months is a freebie!! and because this is our second year that includes the 3D supplement!
Best investment we’ve ever made.
I’m seriously considering it for each of the kids as they each turn 18.
Well 2 of them anyway as Dharma doesn’t like going to the cinema….. strange girl.

Right, back to today.
Got to look at planning my next college unit and I’m getting a hair cut.
The curls have been fighting back over the last week.
I looked in the mirror at work yesterday and looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards!

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