Yet again I didn’t get any college work done on my day off!
I did go out to breakfast with the hubster and had all good intentions but I just couldn’t motivate myself.
Instead I spent the afternoon thinking.


You see, we’ve had a bit of a juggle with cars.
It all started when my Dad decided to get himself a Jaguar.
He offered us the opportunity to aquire his Mondeo Titanium automatic at a reduced rate and pay later deal.
We bit his hand off because with all his arthritis problems, Ian seriously needs a bigger, automatic car for work.
His little Peugeot is just not right for him.

The problem is, as we discussed over breakfast, it’s silly having two big cars.
As Ian does the mileage for work it makes sense for him to run the big car and what I need is a smaller runaround.

My car is also a Mondeo but it is a 13 year old model. She drives beautifully and has a leather interior.
But….. I have noticed recently that she is loosening up and feeling her age and I suspect she is going to start costing money.
Running her the short distance to work and back wasn’t doing her any good either, she needs a big run.

I toyed with the idea of having Ian’s Peugeot and selling my Mondeo but I couldn’t get past the fact it doesn’t have leather seats.
I love my Mondeo and her leather seats and it was going to take something a bit special to replace her.
And that’s when we started looking.

At about 4pm we found this little beauty on Ebay.




I absolutely fell in love with the leather interior!!
I know, I know… I should have worried more about other things like the engine and does it run.
But seriously! Look at her!!
I was so in love that we drove all the way to Northampton, took her for a spin and was driving her home at 8pm

All we have to do now is sell the old Peugeot and Mondeo and slap the money onto the credit card we tanked.
As I write, we are a 4 car family!! which is a bit extravagant.

I have spent all night wondering if we’ve done the right thing.
I only have one niggle with her after the drive home.
The gear box is a bit clunky but she needs a top up on the gear box oil and Peugeot’s are known for their clunky gearboxe’s.
If she needs a new gear box then she needs a new gearbox.
She runs beautifully and that interior is to die for.
The best thing is… I can only fit one of the kids in it at a time!!
No more excuses. I can only take one to the shops at a time unless they want to squeeze into the tiny back seats with no leg room!
Of course the argument is now not going to be who’s sitting in the front, the argument is going to be who’s going?

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