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There is a bit of a spoiler in this quick review so please don’t read on if you are planning to go and see the film!!

I won the argument with the hubby and we went to see Child 44.
Directed by Daniel Espinosa who also directed Safe House and Easy Money, so this man knows a thing or two about action and hand fights.
I’m so glad we did.
It’s a very dark and well paced drama/thriller.
Tom Hardy once again shows that he’s not just muscles and a pretty face, this man can seriously act!

However, my main reason for seeing this film was Joel Kinnaman.


I wasn’t disappointed.
His character, Vasili, starts out as a coward, becomes jealous and ruthless and is quite frankly a complete and total bastard.
He has a final showdown with Leo, Tom’s character, in another Daniel Espinosa viscous hand fight scene and it doesn’t end well for him!

There seems to be a theme with Daniel and his fight scenes with Joel in that they never end well for Joel!!

Definately one going onto my DVD list.

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