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Well I say ‘Not a week to repeat’ but in fact, it’s only really the first half I don’t want to repeat.

I had all good intentions last weekend to catch up with my college work.
Unfortunately, Dharma took ill on Saturday and was showing classic signs of appendicitis.
I decided to take her to the hospital where she got seen by the out of hours Doctor service ony to be told that we should take her home and monitor her overnight.
If she showed no signs of improvement on Sunday we were to call 111.

Sunday morning arrived and she showed no signs of improvement and after a call to 111 we were told to go along to our walk in centre to be seen within 2 hours.
1.5 hours later, she was seen and referred straight to the hospital.
Luckily, because of that referral, we only sat in the waiting room from 15 minutes before being seen.
3 hours later we were on the childrens ward and poor Dharma had been used like a pin cushion as they tried to get blood samples and a canula insitu.

4 bags of fluid later, 2 nights stay and review by senior surgeon and Dharma was released.
Thankfully it wasn’t appendicitis and she was passed to the Paediatric Doctors for assessment.
They think it was all tied into her tummy troubles from last year and she is now getting a follow up.
They are going to check to see if she had a celiac screen last year and possibly send her fro food allergy testing.
They are thinking it is more like irritable bowel rather than colitis.

So that was the start of the week.

Yesterday, wasn’t too bad.
It was lovely and sunny and I decided to take a break from everything and do some gardening.
I had a little robin follow me around the garden all afternoon, literally within inches, as he hoovered up all the disturbed bugs as I went along.
He was very happy and chirpy and really made my day.

Today, was very busy.
I did however, have a college review and although I’ve had a bit of a hiccup with my last unit, I’m still well on track to finish in September but my next few units are going to be very tough and require lots of study and expert witnesses to help me out.
I also had my work appraisal and have probably talked myself into some more work!!

OK, so tomorrow is going to be a day off.
I am going to Miton Keynes with Ian for dinner and a movie.
I want to see Child 44 because it’s not coming to Bedford and it will probably be my only chance.
Ian is not so keen but as it’s one of Joel Kinnaman’s films for the year I don’t think Ian will be winning the argument!!
We’ll see.

Saturday is going to be a planning day for two of my next college units.
I need a lot of help from the Unit’s playleaders and possibly school teacher too.
I need to do some planning to tie in with any relevant patients coming to the Unit over the next few weeks.

So, time to put my feet up for an hour before bed.
I am shattered.

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