General diary entries


Right, haven’t had a serious blog for a long time.

Fingers crossed, legs crossed and touch wood, apart from the little health hiccup with Ian a couple of weeks ago, things are going pretty well so far this year.

I decided on a drastic change in style for myself last week and chopped off all my hair.

Hair new


I am loving the freedom of not having to tackle frizzy curls anymore and I can safely say that I will never grow it again.

We invested Ian’s bonus this year in a new three piece suit.
Our old corner sofa had done us proud but it was now not suitable for us.
It was too low and with Ian’s arthritis and my foot and hip issues it was becoming impossible to get up out of it!!
It was not doing our postures any good either because it forced us to lounge.

So we are changing to a 3 seater and two 2 seater sofas with a couple of foot stools.
The seat pads are a bit higher so we can actually sit properly supported with our feet up and not have to lounge.

Anyway, this corner sofa has to go today.
We’ve hopefully got a guy picking it up at tea time otherwise it will have to be stacked in the hallway until I can find someone to collect it.

So, back to reality.
I’m glad I’m at work tomorrow.
Don’t fancy being around when Mum see’s the ironing pile!!
With it being the Easter bank holiday weekend, she hasn’t been around since Thursday last week.
Marjorie has been really good and kept up with the washing but Ian was on nights Fri, Sat and Sun and I worked long days Thurs, Good Fri, Sat and Bank holiday Mon.
The one day off I had, Easter Sunday, was spent hanging new cutains, cleaning the toilet and the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen and generally having a tidy up. I didn’t have any time for ironing.
Today, I have promised to take Marjorie to the cinema at some point and I’ve also got to get some college work done as I’ve fallen behind on my schedule.
Apart from my uniform, I won’t have time for any more ironing.
Mum will probably have a dicky fit but I don’t think she realises that I didn’t actually have a bank holiday. I worked the whole weekend!

My man of the moment, Joel Kinnaman has got another movie on the go called ‘Backcountry’
It’s currently filming, he has the lead!!! and according to IMDB it’s slated for release this year!
The Story line is as follows…..
Elliot Baker seizes the chance to develop a better relationship with his sons when his ex-wife, Karen, and her new husband take a vacation and leave the boys with him. What starts as a bonding opportunity turns into a nightmarish adventure when they get stranded in a deserted cabin near the lake as night falls and a snowstorm rages. Bradley, 15, and Caleb, 12, quickly learn more about their father and what they truly mean to him in this gripping tale of family and survival.

It’s good to see him getting some leading roles.
I hope they do well for him… that way he’ll get more and so will I!!!

So, life in general is just plodding along.
We made the decision to cancel our York holiday plans this year.
With Ian’s back and leg issues and Marjorie’s foot issues heading for the possibility of surgery, it was just bad timing and could have ended up being a bit of a disaster.
So we’ve promised days out and time as a family as much as we can over the summer instead.

Well, I’ve wasted enough time now.
Better get back to my college work.

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