Month: April 2015


Here we are at the end of April already!
It’s not been a bad year so far.
Yes, we have ongoing medical issues with the hubster, Marjorie and Dharma, but all in all, we’ve kept our heads above water and just keep plodding along.

We pushed the budget and invested in a new three piece suit.
That alone has made a huge difference. It’s so much more supportive for me and Ian and we don’t spend half an hour trying to get up out of it!!
With the help of my Dad letting us have his old Mondeo on a pay later basis, Ian now has the bigger automatic car he desperately needed and I was able to treat myself to a sporty little convertable. The kids love it too, even though I can only comfortably get one of them in at a time, or two in at a squeeze!

I am just over 80% finished on my college course.
It’s gone a lot more smoothly than I expected it to but the last few units are going to be really tough.
Coming into the sunny weather with my garden taking over, it going to get harder and harder to get the will power to sit at the computer trying to get the work done.
But once it’s done, that’s it!
Never again.

Marjorie had a bit of a lightbulb moment yesterday.
She’s been struggling with knowing which way to take her career.
She desperately wanted to join the RAF but unfortunately she had to give that idea up fairly quickly because she just wouldn’t make it through the physical because of her orthopaedic problems.
She had a talk at school yesterday on careers with animals and has decided on Veterinary nursing!
She now knows she wants to stay on in sixth form. Before that talk she just didn’t have a clue what her plans would be.
We now just have to see what the surgeon suggests when we go and see him next week.
I have to admit, I’m half expecting a surgical outcome this time around which could make things interesting right in the middle of her GCSE years.

So that’s it.
We are now on a strict 5 year plan.
By then, our youngest will be 18!! and that’s a little bit scary.
I’m expecting, at least 1 but maybe 2 of the kids out in the big wide world doing their own thing.
5 years ( all being well) will see finances clear and Ian will be at an age to think about retiring early.
With his Psoriatic arthritis going the way it is, he probably won’t make it to full retirement.

I can safely say that we will continue to pay for our Cineworld Unlimited cards.
I worked out today that this year we’ve already seen enough films to cover the cost of the cards for the year!
So every film for the next 8 months is a freebie!! and because this is our second year that includes the 3D supplement!
Best investment we’ve ever made.
I’m seriously considering it for each of the kids as they each turn 18.
Well 2 of them anyway as Dharma doesn’t like going to the cinema….. strange girl.

Right, back to today.
Got to look at planning my next college unit and I’m getting a hair cut.
The curls have been fighting back over the last week.
I looked in the mirror at work yesterday and looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards!


It’s started already.
The build up to DC’s attempt to keep up with Marvel’s Avengers.
Next years ‘Suicide Squad’, in which a¬†secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency, has apparantly released the first image of Jared Leto as ‘The Joker’.

Jared Leto Joker


Freaky!! Love it!!
Now I wait with baited breath for what Joel Kinnaman’s character, Rick Flagg, will look like.
Of course, you just know that with my luck they’ll leave that one until last.


Yet again I didn’t get any college work done on my day off!
I did go out to breakfast with the hubster and had all good intentions but I just couldn’t motivate myself.
Instead I spent the afternoon thinking.


You see, we’ve had a bit of a juggle with cars.
It all started when my Dad decided to get himself a Jaguar.
He offered us the opportunity to aquire his Mondeo Titanium automatic at a reduced rate and pay later deal.
We bit his hand off because with all his arthritis problems, Ian seriously needs a bigger, automatic car for work.
His little Peugeot is just not right for him.

The problem is, as we discussed over breakfast, it’s silly having two big cars.
As Ian does the mileage for work it makes sense for him to run the big car and what I need is a smaller runaround.

My car is also a Mondeo but it is a 13 year old model. She drives beautifully and has a leather interior.
But….. I have noticed recently that she is loosening up and feeling her age and I suspect she is going to start costing money.
Running her the short distance to work and back wasn’t doing her any good either, she needs a big run.

I toyed with the idea of having Ian’s Peugeot and selling my Mondeo but I couldn’t get past the fact it doesn’t have leather seats.
I love my Mondeo and her leather seats and it was going to take something a bit special to replace her.
And that’s when we started looking.

At about 4pm we found this little beauty on Ebay.




I absolutely fell in love with the leather interior!!
I know, I know… I should have worried more about other things like the engine and does it run.
But seriously! Look at her!!
I was so in love that we drove all the way to Northampton, took her for a spin and was driving her home at 8pm

All we have to do now is sell the old Peugeot and Mondeo and slap the money onto the credit card we tanked.
As I write, we are a 4 car family!! which is a bit extravagant.

I have spent all night wondering if we’ve done the right thing.
I only have one niggle with her after the drive home.
The gear box is a bit clunky but she needs a top up on the gear box oil and Peugeot’s are known for their clunky gearboxe’s.
If she needs a new gear box then she needs a new gearbox.
She runs beautifully and that interior is to die for.
The best thing is… I can only fit one of the kids in it at a time!!
No more excuses. I can only take one to the shops at a time unless they want to squeeze into the tiny back seats with no leg room!
Of course the argument is now not going to be who’s sitting in the front, the argument is going to be who’s going?


There is a bit of a spoiler in this quick review so please don’t read on if you are planning to go and see the film!!

I won the argument with the hubby and we went to see Child 44.
Directed by Daniel Espinosa who also directed Safe House and Easy Money, so this man knows a thing or two about action and hand fights.
I’m so glad we did.
It’s a very dark and well paced drama/thriller.
Tom Hardy once again shows that he’s not just muscles and a pretty face, this man can seriously act!

However, my main reason for seeing this film was Joel Kinnaman.


I wasn’t disappointed.
His character, Vasili, starts out as a coward, becomes jealous and ruthless and is quite frankly a complete and total bastard.
He has a final showdown with Leo, Tom’s character, in another Daniel Espinosa viscous hand fight scene and it doesn’t end well for him!

There seems to be a theme with Daniel and his fight scenes with Joel in that they never end well for Joel!!

Definately one going onto my DVD list.


Well I say ‘Not a week to repeat’ but in fact, it’s only really the first half I don’t want to repeat.

I had all good intentions last weekend to catch up with my college work.
Unfortunately, Dharma took ill on Saturday and was showing classic signs of appendicitis.
I decided to take her to the hospital where she got seen by the out of hours Doctor service ony to be told that we should take her home and monitor her overnight.
If she showed no signs of improvement on Sunday we were to call 111.

Sunday morning arrived and she showed no signs of improvement and after a call to 111 we were told to go along to our walk in centre to be seen within 2 hours.
1.5 hours later, she was seen and referred straight to the hospital.
Luckily, because of that referral, we only sat in the waiting room from 15 minutes before being seen.
3 hours later we were on the childrens ward and poor Dharma had been used like a pin cushion as they tried to get blood samples and a canula insitu.

4 bags of fluid later, 2 nights stay and review by senior surgeon and Dharma was released.
Thankfully it wasn’t appendicitis and she was passed to the¬†Paediatric Doctors for assessment.
They think it was all tied into her tummy troubles from last year and she is now getting a follow up.
They are going to check to see if she had a celiac screen last year and possibly send her fro food allergy testing.
They are thinking it is more like irritable bowel rather than colitis.

So that was the start of the week.

Yesterday, wasn’t too bad.
It was lovely and sunny and I decided to take a break from everything and do some gardening.
I had a little robin follow me around the garden all afternoon, literally within inches, as he hoovered up all the disturbed bugs as I went along.
He was very happy and chirpy and really made my day.

Today, was very busy.
I did however, have a college review and although I’ve had a bit of a hiccup with my last unit, I’m still well on track to finish in September but my next few units are going to be very tough and require lots of study and expert witnesses to help me out.
I also had my work appraisal and have probably talked myself into some more work!!

OK, so tomorrow is going to be a day off.
I am going to Miton Keynes with Ian for dinner and a movie.
I want to see Child 44 because it’s not coming to Bedford and it will probably be my only chance.
Ian is not so keen but as it’s one of Joel Kinnaman’s films for the year I don’t think Ian will be winning the argument!!
We’ll see.

Saturday is going to be a planning day for two of my next college units.
I need a lot of help from the Unit’s playleaders and possibly school teacher too.
I need to do some planning to tie in with any relevant patients coming to the Unit over the next few weeks.

So, time to put my feet up for an hour before bed.
I am shattered.


As I sat here enjoying a coffee and contemplating college work the inevitable happened.
I started to trawl the internet.
I flicked through my FB account, scrolled through the nights Tumblings and ended up on Youtube.

I wanted to bring your attention to a few things that are on the horizon.
A couple of them not too far away.

The closest one being Child 44. Due for release next week.
Not only does this film star Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Noomi Rapace but it also stars Joel Kinnaman!! alongside an old fellow castmate from Easy money, Fares Fares.
As stated on IMDB, this is a film based on the first of a trilogy by Tom Rob Smith and set in the Stalin era of the Soviet Union. The plot is about an idealistic pro-Stalin security officer who decides to investigate a series of child murders in a country where supposedly this sort of crime doesn’t exist. The state would not hear of the existence of a child murderer let alone a serial killer. He gets demoted and exiled but decides, with just the help of his wife, to continue pursuing the case.

The next is Avengers: Age of Ultron
Due out the week after Child 44 and a film I know is highly anticipated by many.
However, let’s take a moment to contemplate the following….
Forget Robert Downey Jr, forget Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, forget Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner….. let’s take a moment to appreciate that Paul Bettany finally gets to make an appearance.
He has been the voice of the faithful ‘Jarvis’ accompanying Iron Man on all his adventures and now, because of Ultron, he becomes ‘The Vision’
I for one, cannot wait to see Paul like this!

Paul Bettany 1

And finally, the cast read throughs have started for next year’s Suicide Suad.
DC’s attempt at keeping up with the Marvel Juggernaut.

Suicide Squad


With Will Smith attached to the project it should hopefully do quite well.
Oscar winner Jared Leto (although not in this photo) is also in it as The Joker, but if you look closely at the top left of the photo, you’ll see my man Joel Kinnaman with a nice big grin on his face!
He is playing Rick Flagg, who I believe may be the leader of the Squad.
We’ve got a bit of a wait for this one as it’s not due out until August next year.

And now, I really must get this college work done.



I’m not going to go into any detail because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone this soon after release.

Fast and Furious 7 is frickin awesome!!
It is so rediculously absurd in it’s action sequences that you’d expect to be rolling your eyes in credulity but in actual fact, you find yourself taking sharp intakes of breath as you think, ‘that must of hurt’!!!
Then you think ‘hurt?!! it should have bloody killed them!’
It all adds to the fun of the film and the choreography and camera work on the hand fight scenes was incredible.

They did an amazing job of hiding the fact that Paul Walker wasn’t around to finish the filming and I’ll admit I actually got a bit choked at how they ended it.
Very appropriate and very sad.

Furious 7