General diary entries


Today I’ve reached a point that I knew was coming.
Do I cut my hair or do I persevere with it?

My hair is naturally very curly and this time around, probably age related, it is also very dry and frizzy.
To get it looking nice I literally have to apply product and let it dry naturally which takes 2-3 hours.
I just don’t have the time for that!
If I go anywhere near it with a hair dryer it’s a disaster.
The only saving grace is that I have to tie it back for work otherwise I would need to get up at 4am just to control it!

As much as I like my hair when I do have time for it, it doesn’t take much for it to be a complete mess again.
A little bit of moisture in the air = FRIZZ
A little bit of wind = FRIZZ and I also end up eating it half the time.
I’ve had enough.

Marjorie and Dharma have catagorically said NO! don’t cut it and my husband likes my hair short.
I’m sat here debating whether or not to call the hair dresser who probably won’t be happy about cutting it.


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