General diary entries


We found Dharma’s phone.
It went missing Sunday afternoon and we really thought it was gone.
We turned this house upside down and did the same on Monday.
We even went into town and enquired about changing her SIM only contract into a contract with a new handset.
Thankfully we decided to wait until payday before making any decisions.
Just as well because Dharma found her phone yesterday!!!!

Where was it?

In a shoe of all places!
Of course!…. Why didn’t we look there?!!

She had apparantly, taken a lot of her junk upstairs on Sunday afternoon and to make sure her phone didn’t get dropped she put it into a shoe.
Then she conveniently forgot it was there.
Probably the only place that didn’t get checked in the house was inside shoes.

Anyway, back to today.
I was supposed to be doing shifts every other day for the next two weeks with my days off in between being taken up with housework and college work.
I wasn’t looking forward to it.
Anyway, I had a call from my counterpart colleague this morning asking if I could swap a shift with her which I was happy to do.
It now means that I have the next three days off which is much nicer.
It means I don’t have to stress about my college work or housework.
I can split it all nicely and still have some time to relax for myself.
OK, I have three shifts in a row at the end of it but I much prefer it that way.

Right, a quick catchup with Vampire Diaries and then time to crack on with college work.

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