General diary entries


Today is Ian’s 50 birthday!

He didn’t want a big fussy party, that’s not really his thing.
So we decided to just spend a few days doing things that we like.

We started early when we went to visit Ian’s Dad and Step Mum in Lincoln Yesterday.
It was a lovely, sunny, if just a little bit windy day.
We had a lovely stroll around the town, went to the cathedral and went out to dinner.


Today we are off to MK for a movie, dinner, shopping and maybe another movie.
It may be Ian’s birthday but the film we are going to see is most definately for me.
‘Run All Night’ with Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman!!!
I can’t wait.
I haven’t seen Joel on the big screen since Robocop last year.

After a wander around and a spot of dinner, if Ian’s back is feeling up to it, we may actually go and see another film.
Big Hero 6.
I will quite happilly go and see this film again, it’s brilliant. I went a few weeks ago with Marjorie and Ian couldn’t come.

Tomorrow we are having some old friends over for a chat, some games, maybe a movie and a chinese.

On Sunday we are taking Marjorie to go and see a preview showing of ‘Home’ and going out to dinner.
This film looks amazing!

Then to finish it all off, we are taking the kids out to dinner on Monday evening.

Everything we both like.
Good films, good food, good company and just time together.

Suppose I had better get dressed first!

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