General diary entries


I like actors with a bit of dedication.
Actors that pull out all the stops to play a part.
Actors like Johnny Depp who live and breath their characters, especially Jack Sparrow.
Taking time out of filming in the UK to surprise a school assembly ‘in character’! after one of the students wrote him an invitation letter.

Johnny Depp school

Chris Pratt honouring his Superbowl bet with Chris Evans when he stopped by Christopher’s Haven in Boston to visit with sick children dressed as Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris P and Chris E

And then Chris Evans returning the favour and visitng sick kids dressed as Captain America in Seattle!

Chris P and Chris E 2

Not just charitable dedication either.
Actors who go one step further to portray a role and dramatically change their look.

Charlize Theron for her Oscar winning performance in Monster.
Amazing what a little extra weight and makeup can do to a person.

Charlize 2 Charlize 1

Christian Bale who went from painfully thin in the ‘Machinist’ to Batman Buff in just 6 months.

Christian Bale


And these are just a small sample of dedicated actors who take things to the next level.

Well it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is being added to the list of amazing actors with a bit of dedication.
He actually made it to my Dish of the Week posts back at number 2 when he grabbed my interest after he buffed up to play the Prince of Persia.

Jake 1

He’s done it again.
Last year he lost 25 pounds to play the deliciously creepy Lou Bloom in ‘Nightcrawler’

Jake G 01
Only to go straight in buffing up to play Billy Hope in the film Southpaw due out later this year and he is unrecognisable!

Jake G 02

I honestly don’t think I could have that kind of dedication!

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