General diary entries


This week hasn’t gone quite as expected.

I was enjoying a couple of days off between shifts and on Monday afternoon Ian announced to me that he’d been having some problems.
Almost two weeks ago he had facet joint injections in his back to help combat his pain issues.
The procedure went OK and the following week went OK and then last Friday he had an accute onset of pain with numbness down his left leg and into his groin.
There were other issues too which he didn’t tell me about until Monday!!
So when he phoned the Dr for a conversation and then the Dr turned up at the house within 10 minutes I was a little worried.

It turns out the Dr was worried about a condition called ‘Cauda Equina’ and if missed could have the potential to leave the sufferer in a wheelchair together with other more embarassing complications.
So Ian was sent to the hospital and after a couple of hours he was admitted for observations waiting for an MRI at the earliest opportunity.
I informed work that I couldn’t make it in the following day and possibly the next as we don’t know what the outcome would be.
Thankfully, after the longest wait EVER, we found out that it wasn’t Cauda Equina!

I can’t tell you the things that went through my head during those few days.
What if he has to go to Addenbrookes for major back surgery?
What if it doesn’t work?
What if the damage is permanent?
What if he ends up with mobility issues? He’s a BIG bloke, how will I be able to manage moving him?
Will he still be able to work?
Will I still be able to work?
Will we lose the house?

Waiting is the worst part of being in hospital.
You have no option but to think about things like that and your mind goes into complete overdrive and can only think of the worst case scenarios.
Anyway, the MRI did show some back issues but he definately does not have Cauda Equina.
So, a quick trip to the GP yesterday is getting Ian referred to a specialist to combat some issues that still need to be tackled.

So! Back to some normality today before going back to work tomorrow.
I need to catch up on some college work and I may be going to the cinema with Dharma later to see the ‘Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’.

Hopefully next week will be better.
I am only working one day on Wedsnesday as I have booked some annual leave so that me and Ian can spend a few days celebrating his 50th birthday.
We will be visiting his Dad in Lincoln for a day and then generally just having some fun.
A few cinema trips and a bit of shopping all interspersed with dinners and drinks.

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