Month: March 2015


Today I’ve reached a point that I knew was coming.
Do I cut my hair or do I persevere with it?

My hair is naturally very curly and this time around, probably age related, it is also very dry and frizzy.
To get it looking nice I literally have to apply product and let it dry naturally which takes 2-3 hours.
I just don’t have the time for that!
If I go anywhere near it with a hair dryer it’s a disaster.
The only saving grace is that I have to tie it back for work otherwise I would need to get up at 4am just to control it!

As much as I like my hair when I do have time for it, it doesn’t take much for it to be a complete mess again.
A little bit of moisture in the air = FRIZZ
A little bit of wind = FRIZZ and I also end up eating it half the time.
I’ve had enough.

Marjorie and Dharma have catagorically said NO! don’t cut it and my husband likes my hair short.
I’m sat here debating whether or not to call the hair dresser who probably won’t be happy about cutting it.



We found Dharma’s phone.
It went missing Sunday afternoon and we really thought it was gone.
We turned this house upside down and did the same on Monday.
We even went into town and enquired about changing her SIM only contract into a contract with a new handset.
Thankfully we decided to wait until payday before making any decisions.
Just as well because Dharma found her phone yesterday!!!!

Where was it?

In a shoe of all places!
Of course!…. Why didn’t we look there?!!

She had apparantly, taken a lot of her junk upstairs on Sunday afternoon and to make sure her phone didn’t get dropped she put it into a shoe.
Then she conveniently forgot it was there.
Probably the only place that didn’t get checked in the house was inside shoes.

Anyway, back to today.
I was supposed to be doing shifts every other day for the next two weeks with my days off in between being taken up with housework and college work.
I wasn’t looking forward to it.
Anyway, I had a call from my counterpart colleague this morning asking if I could swap a shift with her which I was happy to do.
It now means that I have the next three days off which is much nicer.
It means I don’t have to stress about my college work or housework.
I can split it all nicely and still have some time to relax for myself.
OK, I have three shifts in a row at the end of it but I much prefer it that way.

Right, a quick catchup with Vampire Diaries and then time to crack on with college work.


It was a lovely day today.
Managed to get a lay in before going to the cinema with Marjorie to see ‘Home’
Wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping it would be, in fact I think ‘big Hero 6’ was better. It was still fun though.

Then we decided to go out to dinner with all three kids. Took us a little while to find a place as everywhere was packed because of Mothers Day but we ended up at a Brewer’s Fayre and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We then came home to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening, unfortunately Dharma has misplaced her phone. It didn’t get taken out with us but we can’t find it anywhere. We’ve turned the house upside down.
Poor Dharma has just cried herself to sleep. It is the only uninsured phone in the house but is Marjorie’s old Iphone so we can’t afford to replace it. It’s on a sim only contract so if we can’t find it, she’s back to the most basic phone we can afford.

I’m hoping it’s been put somewhere silly and will turn up again but I’m not holding out much hope.

Oh well. No point stressing about it now.


So here is my review of Run All Night.
Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman’s new movie.

I liked it!

As a bit of a Joel Kinnaman fangirl there’s no suprise there!

If you liked the Taken movies then you’ll like Run All Night.
It doesn’t quite have the atmosphere of the first two Taken movies but is better than the third one.
Liam Neeson is still fighting for his family in this one, namely Joel Kinnaman as his son Michael.

The difference though is that in the Taken movies he was a good guy fighting for his family.
In Run All Night he is fighting the demons of his past and is not the kind of guy you really want in your life.
Michael finds it very hard to accept him and his help and the film battles with getting that Father son connection back before it’s too late.

I have to say that I was very impressed with Joel and I’m trying desperately not to be biased here.
My reason…..
Joel hit my radar after Robocop last year.
A film I loved but Joel spent the best part of the movie in a Tin Man suit being very…. well… robotic!
I managed to see him in some of his Swedish films with subtitles.
Easy Money and In Your Veins are brilliant films!
His other English speaking films have been very small parts and didn’t really showcase his talents at all.
The only other English speaking thing I’ve seen him in was ‘The Killing’, a TV series that ran for 4 years.
His character, Stephen Holder is one of the best detectives ever brought to the small screen.
The Johan Falk series of Swedish films were good and Joel’s character, Frank Wagner, is very ‘Holder’ ish, but in Swedish!!

Now, having seen him in a meaty supporting role next to Liam Neeson and holding his own, I’m a lot happier that people will now see that he has a lot of potential as a leading man a little more often.
I’m hoping that ‘The Bends’ due out next year and starring along side Rosamund Pike, will seal the deal!!
I’m also hoping that ‘Suicide Squad’, also due out next year, will showcase him in a totally different way, as a Superhero, or to be more precise, an ex-supervillain!!

rick flag

Right, now I just have to wait for ‘Child 44’ next month!


Just found this while snooping the internet this morning and had to add it to my blogs.
A couple of days ago I blogged about the dedication of some actors.
Then this morning I find this.

Downey (in character as Tony Stark) recently presented a robotic arm to young Alex Prince, a boy who is missing his right arm from just above his elbow.
The arm was made by Limbitless Solutions, a volunteer group started by Albert Manero, an engineering PhD student, who makes 3D printed bionic arms for kids….FOR FREE!!

So, not just actors with dedication!


Today is Ian’s 50 birthday!

He didn’t want a big fussy party, that’s not really his thing.
So we decided to just spend a few days doing things that we like.

We started early when we went to visit Ian’s Dad and Step Mum in Lincoln Yesterday.
It was a lovely, sunny, if just a little bit windy day.
We had a lovely stroll around the town, went to the cathedral and went out to dinner.


Today we are off to MK for a movie, dinner, shopping and maybe another movie.
It may be Ian’s birthday but the film we are going to see is most definately for me.
‘Run All Night’ with Liam Neeson and Joel Kinnaman!!!
I can’t wait.
I haven’t seen Joel on the big screen since Robocop last year.

After a wander around and a spot of dinner, if Ian’s back is feeling up to it, we may actually go and see another film.
Big Hero 6.
I will quite happilly go and see this film again, it’s brilliant. I went a few weeks ago with Marjorie and Ian couldn’t come.

Tomorrow we are having some old friends over for a chat, some games, maybe a movie and a chinese.

On Sunday we are taking Marjorie to go and see a preview showing of ‘Home’ and going out to dinner.
This film looks amazing!

Then to finish it all off, we are taking the kids out to dinner on Monday evening.

Everything we both like.
Good films, good food, good company and just time together.

Suppose I had better get dressed first!


I like actors with a bit of dedication.
Actors that pull out all the stops to play a part.
Actors like Johnny Depp who live and breath their characters, especially Jack Sparrow.
Taking time out of filming in the UK to surprise a school assembly ‘in character’! after one of the students wrote him an invitation letter.

Johnny Depp school

Chris Pratt honouring his Superbowl bet with Chris Evans when he stopped by Christopher’s Haven in Boston to visit with sick children dressed as Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris P and Chris E

And then Chris Evans returning the favour and visitng sick kids dressed as Captain America in Seattle!

Chris P and Chris E 2

Not just charitable dedication either.
Actors who go one step further to portray a role and dramatically change their look.

Charlize Theron for her Oscar winning performance in Monster.
Amazing what a little extra weight and makeup can do to a person.

Charlize 2 Charlize 1

Christian Bale who went from painfully thin in the ‘Machinist’ to Batman Buff in just 6 months.

Christian Bale


And these are just a small sample of dedicated actors who take things to the next level.

Well it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal is being added to the list of amazing actors with a bit of dedication.
He actually made it to my Dish of the Week posts back at number 2 when he grabbed my interest after he buffed up to play the Prince of Persia.

Jake 1

He’s done it again.
Last year he lost 25 pounds to play the deliciously creepy Lou Bloom in ‘Nightcrawler’

Jake G 01
Only to go straight in buffing up to play Billy Hope in the film Southpaw due out later this year and he is unrecognisable!

Jake G 02

I honestly don’t think I could have that kind of dedication!