General diary entries


OK, so things have been a little quiet over the last 6 months when it comes to Joel Kinnaman.
Over the last couple of weeks I finally got some news about a couple of films he has in pre-production for release next year.
Both ‘starring roles’

Next month sees the release of ‘Run All Night’ in which Joel plays the son of Liam Neeson in another ‘don’t piss off the geriatric gunman’ outings.
It actually looks pretty good!

Anyway, I had to be up at 06:30 this morning…. on my day off!!
I needed to get Marjorie out of bed and off to school early.
She’s doing Media studies and is currently part of the crew for a dance show.
They are competing against other schools in a ‘Rock Challenge’ today and needed to leave school at 07:30 and won’t be home until nearly midnight!

So, early morning cuppa before tackling some college work and trawing the internet for a little while and what do I find?
New pictures of Joel enjoying some down time with his new girl, Chloe Wattenstrom.

513 515
Unfortunately it’s now time for a cold shower because one photo in particular hit my ‘weak spot’.

That spot…. right there…. just behind the ear and down to the nape of the neck!!
And he has such a long neck!!!

OK, time to get my head out of the gutter and think about some actual work.

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