General diary entries


This morning didn’t go quite as expected.
I woke the kids up at 7 and one by one they left for school.
However, shortly after Murron had left for college I got a call from her saying she had missed the bus!!
I told her to get the next one but she said that it would not get her there on time and she would miss out on the practical.
I did the motherly (gullible) thing and drove her across Bedford at the height of rush hour to get her there on time but I made it perfectly clear that she should be aiming to get the bus 1 or 2 buses earlier to avoid this kind of thing.

Anyway, back at home and after a Milky coffee I had to do a Tesco shop that should last us now until payday.
We’ve over spent this month. It’s quite depressing.

When I had finished putting the shopping away I checked out the catch up service on Virgin.
I tried to stay up last night to watch the Oscars.
Unfortunately, after working two 12.5 hour shifts over the weekend and half a bottle of wine, I didn’t quite make it.
I wanted to watch it on catchup this morning but so far it hasn’t been added to the catchup facility on Virgin.
I have had to make do with Googling the winners and the red carpet couture.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Best Picure Winner, Birdman.
I recently went to see this film and thoroughly enjoyed it.
However, it’s one of those art films that you either love or hate and my husband just didn’t get it.
Considering it was up against ‘The Theory of Everything’ and ‘The Immitation Game’ I honestly didn’t think it would win.
Not only that, it also got Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Original Screenplay.

Had it not been for the astounding performance of Eddie Redmayne in ‘The Theory of Everything’ I believe that the Best Actor Oscar could well have gone to Michael Keaton! Even with Benedict Cumberbatch on the nominations list.
However, I do just have to point out that I have yet to see ‘The Immitation Game’ so my opinion could change.

As for the red carpet couture, I have to admit to being very disappointed this year.
Overall it felt like everyone was trying just a bit too much to outdo everyone else which I suppose is the point on Oscar night!
There were only a couple of stand out moments I felt worth mentioning and they were Rosamund Pike and Octavia Spencer.

Rosamund Pike Oscars
Rosamund Pike’s dress was classically elegant with an stunning colour that was just spot on for her.

Octavia Spencer Oscars
Octavia Spencer’s dress was simply stunning and proves that you don’t have to be stick thin…. or tall for that matter… to absolutely rock the red carpet.

So, now it’s time for some housework and a little college work before I attempt to watch the Oscars again.
It will be just my luck if they don’t add it to the catch up service!


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