General diary entries


I wouldn’t say my week has been great but I wouldn’t say it’s been bad either.

It started off very badly with the news of the sudden loss of a very special lady.


Auntie Valerie.
Not an ‘official’ Auntie but it wouldn’t seem right calling her anything else!
A friend of my parents before I was born, I knew her my entire life and I was born just 5 months ahead of their first daughter, Mandy, who I grew up with.
She lived just around the corner from my parents and was just ‘there’.
Her door was always open and she is going to be sorely missed.

I then stressed out a little when I thought the washing machine had gone up the spout but Hubby saved the day and fixed it.
It’s still going too!

On Weds, Dharma had a minor nail surgery to try and prevent her ingrowing big toenail.
She’s been really brave about it all but I do hear the occasional expletive when she knocks it on something.

Marjorie was off school until Thursday with a nasty viral infection that really knocked her for six.
She even missed a mock exam on Monday because of it.
She was going to go in for the exam but the school were really understanding.
They checked with the exam board and said that if she wasn’t going to be performing at her best there was no point in taking it.
She would be able to take it at a later date.
She went back to school on Thursday even though she’s still not 100%, mainly to collect work to catch up on over the half term holiday.

Murron missed a couple of days of college this week because she too, felt like poo.
She went back today but again, I don’t think she’s 100% so she may be coming home in a foul mood.

Ian had a job interview today.
It’s with the company he already works for but it will mean he gets off shift if he’s lucky enough to get it.
He really needs to get off shift.

I have spent the rest of the week just pottering around the house.
I haven’t watched as many films as I thought I would.
Tomorrow I am getting the 2 inch grey roots dyed out of my hair before spending the evening with my hubby, a chinese and a bottle of wine.
After that my last three days of freedom (cough, cough annual leave) will be spent working on some college units.
I have a small unit that has a few loose ends that need tidying up before I re-submit it and then I have two big units to work on over the next 6 weeks.
For one of them I will be researching some theorists including Piaget, Freud, Maslow, Bandura, Skinner and Watson!
Riveting stuff.

So, back to today.
I just sat and watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ with Dharma.
It wasn’t depressing at all!!
Who am I kidding… it was the most depressing moving I’ve seen in a long time.
Need to watch something to lift the mood up again now.

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