General diary entries


There has finally been an update on Joel Kinnaman’s IMDB page.

Beyond the three films slated for release this year, there has been no news on projects beyond them for nearly a year.
I had been getting a little worried.
However, after taking a quick look at the page today I find a new addition to his filmography.

‘The Bends’ in pre-production.
The synopsis reads…  A former marine has a dark secret and a murky vocation – in the depths of the ocean he retrieves smuggled contraband in service of a debt and a past not of his making. A fated discovery leads to Helen, and he seems to come alive again until her own past resurfaces in a dark and violent way.

Joel Kinnaman and Rosamund Pike are the only two actors named so far and it doesn’t state what characters they are to play but I’m hoping Joel will be ‘The former marine’ from the synopsis and Rosamund will be ‘Helen’.
This would mean a ‘leading’ role for Joel and not just a supporting role!
I’ll just have to hold my breath a little bit longer.

There’s also been an update on Karl Urban’s IMDB page.
With Star Trek 3 in pre-production, it looks like Karl is filling in some spare time filming a re-make of 1977’s Pete’s Dragon!
It will be interesting to see how they tackle that one!

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