General diary entries


I’ve had enough!
Today was the first day of just over a weeks annual leave and it started off well.
A nice relaxing day just pottering around the house, getting a small Tesco shop done and generally realaxing.

However, my washing machine has just decided to go tits up on me.
It won’t drain.
To make matters worse, it’s a full load of Murron’s washing that’s stuck in the machine!
No doubt it will all be my fault and the end of the world when Murron finds out.

It’s just not fair.
We wanted to go away to York for a few days for Ian’s 50th next month but my car decided it needed new front suspension springs and that was £300 out of the pot and goodbye York.
We had a bit of money left in the pot to enjoy going out a few times instead but that looks like it may be getting spent on a new washing machine.

We never seem to get a break.
Just when we get finances back under control something comes along to knock us back down again.
I’m just totally sick of it.

Sod the diet.
This bottle of wine is coming to bed with me and a few films.

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