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So this has been coming for a long time.
Since my problem with my foot and the consequent surgery, I’ve been getting issues with my right knee and hips.
Over the last 6 – 8 months my hips have started aching badly in the night and waking me up and I’ve had a nagging pain in my knee when I climb stairs.
Watching me climb stairs after a long day at work is a joke.
Last night my knee issue came to a head with a stabbing pain that literally brought tears to my eyes.
Every time I went to stand up or sit down I had excruciating pain in my knee.
Getting up the stairs last night was nearly impossible.
When I did get to bed my hips decided to wake me up at about 2am and didn’t let me get back to sleep again properly all night.

After my drive into work this morning my knee was also noticeable whilst driving and I think that executing an emergency stop could be an issue.

Enough was enough.
I tried to make an appointment with my GP on my days off but was told there were none available so the only option was the walk in clinic.
Work were good enough to let me leave early enough to make the clinic before it closed and that is where the inevitable happened.

I was told that the knee issue was probably soft tissue damage and they decided to put me back onto Zapaine and Naproxin. Two pain killers I haven’t taken since my surgery 2 years ago.
Then the words I have been expecting to hear for a long time…..
The only effective way to reduce the pain and slow the damage was to ‘lose weight!!’

It was inevitable.
Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a bigger than average lady.
There’s no denying I love my food and drink.
Well, that has now caught up with me.
I don’t intend to give up my days out with the hubby when I can get them but I really must reign in the eating and drinking when I’m at home.
No more milky coffees, no more crisps and snacks and smaller portions.

Before Xmas this year I have to lose 6 – 8 stone which is 84 – 112 pounds.
I’ll admit  that I’ll be happy to get back down to a size 16 which is a more realisitc goal.

So, a word of warning to all my friends and colleagues.
I’m probably going to be a right grumpy cow over the next year!!


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