Month: February 2015


Less than 15 minutes before I leave for work.
I must remember to get Marjorie out of bed before I go.
She was part of the Production Crew with her Media Studies group at Rock Challenge yesterday.
Good news is they won this round and are through to the finals in Portsmouth in June!!
Unfortunately they didn’t get home until half past midnight and she’s been told that anyone who doesn’t make it into school this morning will lose their place on the team!!
Not very fair on the poor kids but that’s life!
Marjorie is not good at getting out of bed at the best of times but it’s going to be even harder on just 6 hours sleep!

Anyway, this is just a quick blog to say….

Age of Ultron

I think that will have to be added to my movie poster collection in the living room.
Just have to decide what poster to replace!!!


OK, so things have been a little quiet over the last 6 months when it comes to Joel Kinnaman.
Over the last couple of weeks I finally got some news about a couple of films he has in pre-production for release next year.
Both ‘starring roles’

Next month sees the release of ‘Run All Night’ in which Joel plays the son of Liam Neeson in another ‘don’t piss off the geriatric gunman’ outings.
It actually looks pretty good!

Anyway, I had to be up at 06:30 this morning…. on my day off!!
I needed to get Marjorie out of bed and off to school early.
She’s doing Media studies and is currently part of the crew for a dance show.
They are competing against other schools in a ‘Rock Challenge’ today and needed to leave school at 07:30 and won’t be home until nearly midnight!

So, early morning cuppa before tackling some college work and trawing the internet for a little while and what do I find?
New pictures of Joel enjoying some down time with his new girl, Chloe Wattenstrom.

513 515
Unfortunately it’s now time for a cold shower because one photo in particular hit my ‘weak spot’.

That spot…. right there…. just behind the ear and down to the nape of the neck!!
And he has such a long neck!!!

OK, time to get my head out of the gutter and think about some actual work.


This morning didn’t go quite as expected.
I woke the kids up at 7 and one by one they left for school.
However, shortly after Murron had left for college I got a call from her saying she had missed the bus!!
I told her to get the next one but she said that it would not get her there on time and she would miss out on the practical.
I did the motherly (gullible) thing and drove her across Bedford at the height of rush hour to get her there on time but I made it perfectly clear that she should be aiming to get the bus 1 or 2 buses earlier to avoid this kind of thing.

Anyway, back at home and after a Milky coffee I had to do a Tesco shop that should last us now until payday.
We’ve over spent this month. It’s quite depressing.

When I had finished putting the shopping away I checked out the catch up service on Virgin.
I tried to stay up last night to watch the Oscars.
Unfortunately, after working two 12.5 hour shifts over the weekend and half a bottle of wine, I didn’t quite make it.
I wanted to watch it on catchup this morning but so far it hasn’t been added to the catchup facility on Virgin.
I have had to make do with Googling the winners and the red carpet couture.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Best Picure Winner, Birdman.
I recently went to see this film and thoroughly enjoyed it.
However, it’s one of those art films that you either love or hate and my husband just didn’t get it.
Considering it was up against ‘The Theory of Everything’ and ‘The Immitation Game’ I honestly didn’t think it would win.
Not only that, it also got Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Original Screenplay.

Had it not been for the astounding performance of Eddie Redmayne in ‘The Theory of Everything’ I believe that the Best Actor Oscar could well have gone to Michael Keaton! Even with Benedict Cumberbatch on the nominations list.
However, I do just have to point out that I have yet to see ‘The Immitation Game’ so my opinion could change.

As for the red carpet couture, I have to admit to being very disappointed this year.
Overall it felt like everyone was trying just a bit too much to outdo everyone else which I suppose is the point on Oscar night!
There were only a couple of stand out moments I felt worth mentioning and they were Rosamund Pike and Octavia Spencer.

Rosamund Pike Oscars
Rosamund Pike’s dress was classically elegant with an stunning colour that was just spot on for her.

Octavia Spencer Oscars
Octavia Spencer’s dress was simply stunning and proves that you don’t have to be stick thin…. or tall for that matter… to absolutely rock the red carpet.

So, now it’s time for some housework and a little college work before I attempt to watch the Oscars again.
It will be just my luck if they don’t add it to the catch up service!


4 OUT OF 10

OK, so I’ll  admit it, I went to see ’50 Shades of Grey’.

Yes, I’ve read the books, although I am still to complete book 3 as it was all getting a little tedious.
I wasn’t holding out much hope for the film because I didn’t agree with the choice of actors for Christian and Anna.
As I was coming to the end of some annual leave and there was nothing else on except kids films and Ian was also at home, I decided to give it a go.
I can honestly say that if we hadn’t got our unlimited cinema cards this is the kind of film we would usually wait to see when the DVD is released.

So how was it?
It was nothing special.
In fact I found it a little tiresome and not in the least bit sensual.
Don’t get me wrong, it was an OK film and I’m not sorry I went to see it but would I rush out to see it again?

Will I be getting it on DVD?
When it hits bargain basement £3-£5… possibly.

Will I be going to the cinema to see the next one?
Probably not, I can wait for the DVD.

I will admit that Jamie Dornan was a bit of a surprise.
He was better than I was expecting but was he Christian Grey?
In my eyes…… no he wasn’t.
Christian Grey is supposed to be so drop dead gorgeous that when he walks into a room with a woman on his arm every other woman in the room would be jealous, regardless of who she’s with.
I just don’t get that with Jamie Dornan.
Good looking he may be but he is not Christian Grey drop dead gorgeous.

The biggest mistake of the film was the casting of Dakota Johnson as Anna.
Totally wrong.
This is a woman who is supposed to be untouched by a man. Sweet and innocent and ordinary looking.
Dakota Johnson doesn’t look like any of those things.
She certainly doesn’t come off as someone in her early twenties.
She’s an actress who looks older than her twenty five years to start with and she certainly doesn’t look sweet and innocent.
In the film she comes across as an actress trying too hard to be something she’s not.

So I’m afraid I will only be giving this one 4 out of 10 for a nice try.


Although not on his IMDB page yet, it looks like Joel has landed another role.

He has landed the role of Rick Flagg in ‘Suicide Squad which was previously Tom Hardy’s.

“Suicide Squad” follows a team of DC comics villains who work for the government.
They complete each mission hoping for redemption after committing numerous crimes.
Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg is the leader of the group.
Tom Hardy apparantly had to pull out because of scheduling issues.

The film’s release date is Aug. 5, 2016.


There has finally been an update on Joel Kinnaman’s IMDB page.

Beyond the three films slated for release this year, there has been no news on projects beyond them for nearly a year.
I had been getting a little worried.
However, after taking a quick look at the page today I find a new addition to his filmography.

‘The Bends’ in pre-production.
The synopsis reads…  A former marine has a dark secret and a murky vocation – in the depths of the ocean he retrieves smuggled contraband in service of a debt and a past not of his making. A fated discovery leads to Helen, and he seems to come alive again until her own past resurfaces in a dark and violent way.

Joel Kinnaman and Rosamund Pike are the only two actors named so far and it doesn’t state what characters they are to play but I’m hoping Joel will be ‘The former marine’ from the synopsis and Rosamund will be ‘Helen’.
This would mean a ‘leading’ role for Joel and not just a supporting role!
I’ll just have to hold my breath a little bit longer.

There’s also been an update on Karl Urban’s IMDB page.
With Star Trek 3 in pre-production, it looks like Karl is filling in some spare time filming a re-make of 1977’s Pete’s Dragon!
It will be interesting to see how they tackle that one!


I wouldn’t say my week has been great but I wouldn’t say it’s been bad either.

It started off very badly with the news of the sudden loss of a very special lady.


Auntie Valerie.
Not an ‘official’ Auntie but it wouldn’t seem right calling her anything else!
A friend of my parents before I was born, I knew her my entire life and I was born just 5 months ahead of their first daughter, Mandy, who I grew up with.
She lived just around the corner from my parents and was just ‘there’.
Her door was always open and she is going to be sorely missed.

I then stressed out a little when I thought the washing machine had gone up the spout but Hubby saved the day and fixed it.
It’s still going too!

On Weds, Dharma had a minor nail surgery to try and prevent her ingrowing big toenail.
She’s been really brave about it all but I do hear the occasional expletive when she knocks it on something.

Marjorie was off school until Thursday with a nasty viral infection that really knocked her for six.
She even missed a mock exam on Monday because of it.
She was going to go in for the exam but the school were really understanding.
They checked with the exam board and said that if she wasn’t going to be performing at her best there was no point in taking it.
She would be able to take it at a later date.
She went back to school on Thursday even though she’s still not 100%, mainly to collect work to catch up on over the half term holiday.

Murron missed a couple of days of college this week because she too, felt like poo.
She went back today but again, I don’t think she’s 100% so she may be coming home in a foul mood.

Ian had a job interview today.
It’s with the company he already works for but it will mean he gets off shift if he’s lucky enough to get it.
He really needs to get off shift.

I have spent the rest of the week just pottering around the house.
I haven’t watched as many films as I thought I would.
Tomorrow I am getting the 2 inch grey roots dyed out of my hair before spending the evening with my hubby, a chinese and a bottle of wine.
After that my last three days of freedom (cough, cough annual leave) will be spent working on some college units.
I have a small unit that has a few loose ends that need tidying up before I re-submit it and then I have two big units to work on over the next 6 weeks.
For one of them I will be researching some theorists including Piaget, Freud, Maslow, Bandura, Skinner and Watson!
Riveting stuff.

So, back to today.
I just sat and watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ with Dharma.
It wasn’t depressing at all!!
Who am I kidding… it was the most depressing moving I’ve seen in a long time.
Need to watch something to lift the mood up again now.