General diary entries


I caught a news article today that had me rolling my eyes with disbelief.

Benedict Cumberbatch apologises after calling black actors ‘coloured’

My disbelief was that he used the phrase during an interview where he was actually ‘praising’ black actors and sticking up for the fact that there was a lack of opportunity for them in the acting industry.
He didn’t used the word in a hateful or derogatory way.
It was a simple slip of the tongue from a man who has grown up in a society that 20 years ago was using the phrase as common place.
It’s very hard to ‘unlearn’ things you have grown up with.
I’m not using that as an excuse but the brain often spits things out of your mouth before you’ve truly had a chance to think about what you’re saying.
It’s innevitable that the occasional slip will happen.
He didn’t intend it to and if it was aimed at black people in a hateful way I would totally understand the uproar but seriously!!! did this really warrant Benedict having to make an apology?

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