General diary entries


It’s been a lovely couple of days.
I took some unexpected annual leave on Weds afternoon.
On Thursday, me and Ian decided on a last minute trip to Milton Keynes to see Ex Machina and decided to make the most of the time out and have dinner at Coal Grill and Bar.
Ex Machina is quite a thought provoking film but is very heavy going in places.
Today we went back to MK to see Birdman which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to see get some Oscars. We also went to see The Theory of Everything which again was a wonderful film.
Ian also enjoyed this one and I can see it doing well at the Oscars. However, from the two films I think Michael Keaton’s performance was the one that deserves an Oscar!
Anyway, I have no idea who will be nominated so I could be wrong on both counts.
Between the two films we went to Wagamama’s. YUM!!

So, after a couple of days to ourselves it back to earth with a bump.
Tomorrow, Ian is back at work after a week off and I have to get some college work done.

Dharma has checked into the hotel Leadbetter and I will be lucky to see her before Sunday.
Marjorie is set to vegetate in her bedroom for the weekend and Murron? I have no idea!!
She seems to think she lives in a hotel at the moment.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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