General diary entries


Me and my big mouth.
I last blogged about Marjorie being so excited and happy because the steroids had kicked in on her foot.
I was so happy for her that I just had to blog about it.
Three years she’s been living with constant pain and regular pain killers.
To see her jumping around the kitchen with no pain was just too irresistable not to blog about.
Unfortunately the relief was short lived and less than 24 hours later she was back to square one.
So now we just have to hope that maybe it will happen again.
Our next appointment with the surgeon is in May and if the steroids haven’t worked this time then surgery is the next step.

Anyway, on a lighter note, today was a day off between 2 long days.
Marjorie had an academic mentoring appointment at the school this morning and as expected she is doing brilliantly.
When it comes to Marjorie, the teachers are always really pleased with her work, her efforts, her personality.
They say she is polite and friendly and a dream to have in their class!!

After that, me and Ian went out for breakfast and then I did a bit of a Tesco shop and made sure the house was tidy and then set to work on some college work that I uploaded to my online portfolio.
It was then time to put my feet up and watch a couple of movies while finishing off a bottle of wine.

This evening I just received a pile of notifications from my online portfolio.
Looks like my assessor had seen my work and signed it off.
She also added lots of observations from her visit the other day that finished off a few more odds and ends and when I had finished signing it all off I found myself 74% through my course and well on target to finish early!

So, I am now going to treat myself to another movie before bed.
After tomorrow I have three days off.
A few cinema trips may be in order but I’ll need to go to MK for one of them.
I want to see Birdman before it disappears and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to Bedford.

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