General diary entries


So it hasn’t been the greatest start to my blogging year.
I haven’t blogged anything since the 1st Jan.
To be honest there hasn’t been much to blog about until today.
Kids went back to school and college.
Me and Ian got back into the regular work mode.

The only blip this week has been a little wobble with Dharma’s tummy issues yesterday.
When she has a little wobble she won’t go to school.
She wasn’t feeling too bad last night and we had discussed her getting on with things and going back to school today and she was happy.

At about 10pm last night there was an almighty bang on the floor.
At first we thought she’d dropped something and then we found out that she’d got out of bed to visit the bathroom and she’d got one of her feet caught up in her quilt and simply went flying across her bedroom!!
She came downstairs in tears and clutching her right wrist.

We decided that, considering the pressure A+E is under at the moment and the fact that most of the time when Dharma ends up in A+E she usually just has soft tissue damage, we decided to hold off on a trip to A+E and re-evaluate the situaion this morning.

This morning she wakes up and has a beautiful bruise appearing on her wrist and can barely move it!
So, Ian is off down to A+E to get it checked.
Adding to the already strained NHS service.
We would have gone to the walk in centre but they would have taken one look and sent her to the hospital for an x-ray anyway!

To top my morning off I just had a text from my college assessor telling me she was on her way to the ward to observe me for the morning!!
Errrr…. I’m not working today….. where did that date spring from?!!!

I’ve just spoken to her. Everything is OK, she’s going to come next Tuesday instead.
Still doesn’t change the fact that she’s driven all the way to Bedford during rush hour traffic to come and see me!
I feel so bad.

Anyway, I’m now just waiting to hear from Dharma at the hospital.
Not a lot else I can do really.

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