General diary entries


So here we are….. 2015 at last.

I have no resolutions as such and I don’t like making resolutions on New Years Eve anyway because you’re doomed to fail before January has even finished.
No, my aim is to keep the year under control like we did last year.
We could all do with losing weight and getting a bit fitter but that is a life change and not a resolution.
If we can make it to 2016 with no big blips then I’ll be happy.

I’m off to work in about 10 minutes but I have the next three days off!
It’s going to be a new year clear up.
I’ll probably start with breakfast out on Friday morning, I might even treat the kids before they go back to school.
Then it’s time to take down all the Xmas decorations and have a good tidy up.

There’s piles of washing to get through because it has just been forgotten about over the festive period.
Apart from rounding up all the underwear for a wash, the washing machine has had a Xmas break too!

I’ll be taking Dharma to spend her Xmas vouchers at some point along the way and I need to get the college work out again.
I’ve been a bit naughty and not done a thing for the whole of December so I’ll be on a big catchup through January to get back on target!

Right, that’s it then.
1st post of 2015.

I hope there aren’t too many sore heads out there today.
Have a wonderful New Year.

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