Month: January 2015


So we are already coming to the end of January.
How quick was that?!!!

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good month so far.
The kids have all been happy and school and college are going really well.
Me and Ian have started the year how we mean to go on by spending more time together as a couple.
We’ve already put our Unlimited cards to great use by going to the cinema 6 times!

I decided to keep up with my interest in how many films I watch a year and I’ve just had a quick total up.
Including the cinema trips I have watched a total of….. 31 films
It’s only the 27th of January!!
I think I have a little problem.


I caught a news article today that had me rolling my eyes with disbelief.

Benedict Cumberbatch apologises after calling black actors ‘coloured’

My disbelief was that he used the phrase during an interview where he was actually ‘praising’ black actors and sticking up for the fact that there was a lack of opportunity for them in the acting industry.
He didn’t used the word in a hateful or derogatory way.
It was a simple slip of the tongue from a man who has grown up in a society that 20 years ago was using the phrase as common place.
It’s very hard to ‘unlearn’ things you have grown up with.
I’m not using that as an excuse but the brain often spits things out of your mouth before you’ve truly had a chance to think about what you’re saying.
It’s innevitable that the occasional slip will happen.
He didn’t intend it to and if it was aimed at black people in a hateful way I would totally understand the uproar but seriously!!! did this really warrant Benedict having to make an apology?


Well, the day started with all good intentions.
I got some cleaning done.
Got the washing on the go.
Went to collect tickets for an Unlimited showing of Kingsman on Monday evening before a quick trip to Tesco.
That’s where things took a bit of a turn.

I went to Tesco for some fresh bread for the kids school packups and came out with 3D Guardians of the Galaxy!!
Just…. couldn’t…… resist!!

OK, I said, better get some college work done.
I sat at the computer with all good intentions but I just couldn’t get my head into gear.
After an hour of playing around with the same questions and getting nowhere I decided it just wasn’t going to happen today.
So I sat a watched X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Then I started to have a little nose around the internet instead.
I’m so glad I did.

Information and pictures of my man Joel have been a little thin on the ground since he finished promoting Robocop and filming the last season of The Killing early in 2014.
He seems to have taken a break from things for a while to just enjoy life.
Any photos I do find are of him simply enjoying himself with friends.
He received the prestigious Eliason Merit Award from The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles for his ability to successfully raise Sweden’s profile within the arts and entertainment industry back in November 2014.


But I have been waiting with baited breath for a few films he has listed on his IMDB site.
One of them ‘Knight of Cups’ is directed by Terrence malick who is notorious for ‘over’ filming and then cutting the film to it’s final stage and in some cases totally cutting out an entire actors performance!! So I still have no idea if Joel made it to the final cut.

Another one is ‘Child 44’ Starring Tom Hardy.
This one is directed by Daniel Espinosa and as Daniel was responsible for bringing Joel to the States, I’m expecting good things with Joel.

The one I am currently really excited about is ‘Run All Night’ Starring Liam Neeson.
Hot on the heels of his success in the Taken trilogy, Liam Neeson plays an aging hitman who is forced to take on his brutal former boss to protect his estranged son and his family.
Joel plays his son Michael!! and I’ve just seen the Trailer.

I’m expecting this one around April.
Can’t wait!!

After these though, I’m getting a little worried because IMDB are not listing him for any else.
Nothing has been announced.
Nothing is in pre-production.
No TV shows.
With two films completed and one in post production, I would hope to see something else crop up on his IMDB listing pretty soon.
Guess I’ll just have to be patient.


It’s been a lovely couple of days.
I took some unexpected annual leave on Weds afternoon.
On Thursday, me and Ian decided on a last minute trip to Milton Keynes to see Ex Machina and decided to make the most of the time out and have dinner at Coal Grill and Bar.
Ex Machina is quite a thought provoking film but is very heavy going in places.
Today we went back to MK to see Birdman which I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to see get some Oscars. We also went to see The Theory of Everything which again was a wonderful film.
Ian also enjoyed this one and I can see it doing well at the Oscars. However, from the two films I think Michael Keaton’s performance was the one that deserves an Oscar!
Anyway, I have no idea who will be nominated so I could be wrong on both counts.
Between the two films we went to Wagamama’s. YUM!!

So, after a couple of days to ourselves it back to earth with a bump.
Tomorrow, Ian is back at work after a week off and I have to get some college work done.

Dharma has checked into the hotel Leadbetter and I will be lucky to see her before Sunday.
Marjorie is set to vegetate in her bedroom for the weekend and Murron? I have no idea!!
She seems to think she lives in a hotel at the moment.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


Me and my big mouth.
I last blogged about Marjorie being so excited and happy because the steroids had kicked in on her foot.
I was so happy for her that I just had to blog about it.
Three years she’s been living with constant pain and regular pain killers.
To see her jumping around the kitchen with no pain was just too irresistable not to blog about.
Unfortunately the relief was short lived and less than 24 hours later she was back to square one.
So now we just have to hope that maybe it will happen again.
Our next appointment with the surgeon is in May and if the steroids haven’t worked this time then surgery is the next step.

Anyway, on a lighter note, today was a day off between 2 long days.
Marjorie had an academic mentoring appointment at the school this morning and as expected she is doing brilliantly.
When it comes to Marjorie, the teachers are always really pleased with her work, her efforts, her personality.
They say she is polite and friendly and a dream to have in their class!!

After that, me and Ian went out for breakfast and then I did a bit of a Tesco shop and made sure the house was tidy and then set to work on some college work that I uploaded to my online portfolio.
It was then time to put my feet up and watch a couple of movies while finishing off a bottle of wine.

This evening I just received a pile of notifications from my online portfolio.
Looks like my assessor had seen my work and signed it off.
She also added lots of observations from her visit the other day that finished off a few more odds and ends and when I had finished signing it all off I found myself 74% through my course and well on target to finish early!

So, I am now going to treat myself to another movie before bed.
After tomorrow I have three days off.
A few cinema trips may be in order but I’ll need to go to MK for one of them.
I want to see Birdman before it disappears and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to Bedford.


I’m not holding my breath just yet but it seems we may have had some success with Marjorie.
About four months ago she had steroid injections into her foot to try and combat the pain she has because of the lack of cartiledge in one of the joints.
It was not a nice experience. She was in incredible pain for days with no success.

Needless to say she was not happy about going back for another round of injections on Thursday.
The surgeon said that it could take 2 or even three goes before she ‘might’ feel any benefit.

Anyway, she was brave and had another set of injections and hobbled around in a lot of pain.
She couldn’t even walk to school on Friday.
She came downstairs last night with the biggest grin on her face and proceded to hop and jump around the kitchen!
For the first time in three years.

I’m really happy for her.
The only question now is how long will it last?


I was doing some college work the other day and Murron was pottering around getting herself ready to go out.
She had a music channel on on the TV and I didn’t really take much notice.
Then a tune really caught my attention and I made a note to look it up on Spotify and add it to my playlist.

Well I found it today and was sufficiently blown away by it, enough to continue listening to more from the same artist.
The Eureka song was ‘Take Me To Church by Hozier’


How have I not heard anything from this guy before and how the hell is he only 24 years old!!!