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OK, it’s time to eat my words…. well some of them anyway!

A few days ago I blogged about giving ‘the worst customer service award’ to the Curry’s Knowhow service.
I finished the blog off by saying…..

So, don’t take out one of these contracts with Currys.
They don’t contact you in any way shape or form. Every call was made by us to find out what was happening.
Nothing written in your contract will be honoured.
I would recommend simply paying £10 a month into a savings pot so that when or if your item goes faulty, you should have enough in the pot to replace or repair.
Don’t waste your time and money paying into this lemon of a maintenance contract.
You’ll regret it!

I’m taking that bit back!!
I stand by what I said about the customer service part.
They don’t make any attempt to contact and couldn’t have cared less that they were leaving us without a TV over Xmas.
The excuse we got was that the service has changed and now it states that a loan TV is subject to availability.
Our arguement was that it didn’t state that in the contract 4.5 years ago!! and we hadn’t been informed of any changes.
We had also been paying £8.99 a month for a service that now only costs £6.50 a month!

Anyway, when they finally conceded and wrote the TV off and decided to issue vouchers for a replacement, I was more than a bit dubious as to the amount they would offer.
As it was a like for like replacement policy, we looked at the Currys website and thought that we would be lucky if we received £550 as this is what a new LG with the same specs as our old TV was now selling for.
Well we finally got our voucher code today and we were exceptionally pleased with the result.
They offered us £729!!

Finally!! They got something right.

So we went along to the store today and we upgraded from a basic 50 inch plasma to a 55 inch Smart 3D TV!
It’s another LG and the picture is incredible!
It’s passive 3D so our cinema 3D specs work on it which is a bonus.
The 3D quality is amazing.

I have to say, we took out the ‘new’ Knowhow policy.
At the end of the day, they paid up and if anything goes wrong with the TV at least they have the hassle of fixing it and not us!!
If they can’t fix it at least we know they’re fair with their offer.

I would also like to point out that the in store staff were brilliant.
They always are.
We’ve never had any reason to complain about the service we get in store at Currys, it’s just the Knowhow service (or lack of) we’ve had issues with.

OK, That’s it then.
Last post of the year.
I’m working New Years Eve and New Years Day so there won’t be any blogging now until the new year.

Have a fabulous New Year!!

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