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So that’s it then, another Xmas day come and gone in the blink of an eye.
That’s said, it was a really good day….. even though I had to work an early shift!
You can’t expect to work in a hospital and not work the occasional Xmas Day!

Anyway, as I was working and as my kids are 12, 15 and 17 and old enough to show a little restraint, we decided that no-one would be opening presents until I got in from work.
We are having Xmas dinner today so on Xmas day we had a buffet.

The morning started with a bit of scare!
I sat at the computer for a cuppa before work and looked at the e-mails that had come in overnight.
I was a bit surprised by a £50 payment that had been taken via our Paypal account.
I’m used to getting fake e-mails occasionally so I did what I usually do and I went to Paypal to just check the account.
However, this turned out not to be fake and was actually accompanied by two other payments af £100 each!!
Thankfully thay hadn’t been taken out of the bank account yet so after securing the money in the bank by moving it into a savings pot, we investigated a little more.
It turns out that the payments were to an online gaming site.
As the payments were requested at 3am, 4am and 6am it was pretty bloody obvious that it was no-one in this household that used the account because we were all in bed asleep!!

So we started a dispute with Paypal for all three payments.
We couldn’t talk to the bank because they were only dealing with lost or stolen credit cards over Xmas.
By the time I got in from work, Paypal had reversed the payments and limited our account until we changed all of our securities.
If that’s the end of it, then Paypal still gets a gold star and a thumbs up for a brilliant service.
I’ll keep you posted.

So, now that I was well and truly awake and my stomach had been sufficiently churned I headed off to work.
Thankfully it was a fairly quiet and uneventful morning with pleasant company and a few laughs.
Even a quick look in by Santa to give the kids some pressies.

Towards the end of the shift I received a text from my kids.
Not to say ‘ Happy Xmas Mum, hope everything is going OK’
It said ‘hurry up, you’re killing us!!’

So much for restraint!

I decided to have a bit of a laugh when I left work.
Well, actually it was a bit mean.
I called home and my youngest daughter, Dharma, picked up the phone.
I said ‘I have some bad news, they are a staff member down for the afternoon and I have been asked if I could stay until 6pm, is that OK?’
To be honest I was expecting some squealing and a big fat NO but what I got was Dharma bursting into tears!
I quickly rectified the situation by telling her I was actually on my way home and then I had a good laugh.
Poor kid.

Within an hour of getting home, all the presents were unwrapped.
Me and Ian actually got each other some serious presents for the first time in around 17 years!!
I finally got the Seksy watch I fell in love with a couple of years ago and some jewellery to accompany it.
The kids were happy.
Murron was sorting out her new tool box and all the new tools she got.
Marjorie was sat on the sofa with her Ipad.
Dharma had dragged Dad upstairs to setup her new TV, Bluray and Chromecast.
I was left sorting out the mess and pottering around with drink in hand getting ready for Xmas dinner today.

I’m sat here this morning to write this blog entry, which have been few and far between this month.
The veggies are prepared.
The table is set.
The Turkey has been in the oven for just over an hour and is beginning to fill the air with that wonderful smell.
The house is quiet….. and remarkably tidy!

I’m just going to make the most of it for an hour before I go have a shower.

I hope you all had a fabulous Xmas too!!

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