General diary entries


So that’s it then.
All set for another Xmas.
I am working Today and Tuesday and when I get in from work on Tuesday I will be having my dinner and putting my feet up for a few hours before going……….. shopping!!

Yep, a midnight run to Tesco to get all the date sensitive food like vegetables, fruit and salad.
If I’ve forgotten something after that then tough, I won’t be doing any more shopping.
It’s lovely doing the last minute shop at midnight.
The store is not busy, there’s no queues at the tills, the staff are cheerful and the Xmas music is playing.
I did it last year and it was well worth it.
No fighting through the crowds and the queues during the last shopping day before Xmas.
The rest of my Xmas Eve will be spent cleaning the house so I don’t have anything to worry about for a few days.

Xmas day is going to be a challenge for the kids this year.
I’m working an early shift from 07:30 – 15:30
The kids have been told they will not be opening any presents until after I get home.
They are all old enough to show a little restraint.
So Ian will be cooking lots of nibbles and getting a buffet ready and when I get home I will get changed, get a drink and we can start our festivities.
Xmas dinner will be on Boxing Day.

Right, time to get these last 2 full days out of the way!!

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