General diary entries


It’s definately that time of year again.
It’s been well over a week since my last post.
For some reason my blogging really slows down around December time.
I start the year with all good intentions of bloggin at least once a day and all goes well until around July time.
Then I start to miss the odd day and those odd days become more and more frequent until December when they are very few and far between.

So what have I been up to?

I’ve been enjoying my time at home preparing for Xmas.

All I have left to do today is write a few Xmas cards.
The only shopping left to do is date sensitive food so I need to leave that for another week or two.
Then there is the obligatory Xmas eve shop for the fresh veggies and salads although I may just set the alarm clock and go and do that one at stupid o’clock in the middle of the night.
I did that last year and it was lovely!!
No crowds, no pushing and shoving, no long checkout queues and the staff were really jolly and the music was nice and loud.

The house is organised and for the most part, tidy!
I am now on a countdown to going back to work on Wednesday.
Good news is, it’s then only two weeks until Xmas.
The only downside this year is that it’s my turn to Work a shift on Xmas day.
I have Xmas eve and boxing day off.
I’m doing a short shift from 07:30 until 15:30 on Xmas day and then to make up a full shifts hours I’m doing a very short 4 and half hour shift on 27th from 15:30 – 20:00

My kids are all old enough now to show a little restraint so the plan of action this year is that presents will get opened when I get home from work.
We are going to have party food and drink and watch movies and play games and then we will have Xmas dinner on Boxing Day.
My Dad is happy.
He’s having Xmas dinner with my Brother on Xmas Day and then another Xmas dinner with us on Boxing day!

So what else have I been up to?

Not a lot really.
I’ve only been to the cinema once although that may change today.
We went to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1
I’m sorry but they’re saying ‘it’s amazing’ and calling it ‘the film of our time’
I don’t know what everyone else has been watching but this certainly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
I’ll admit, I liked the first one. I wouldn’t rush out to watch it again but it was OK.
The second one I could barely keep my eyes open for so I should have learnt my lesson.
Instead I decided that it all must be going somewhere so I’ll give it another go.
2 hours of my life I will never get back!

Tomorrow I need to take alook at the next three units of college work.
I have until the end of January to finish them but one of them requires about 20 – 30 hours of observations from one of my colleagues at work so I need to get some paperwork sorted for her so we can make a start when I get back.

Right, that’s it for now.
I have a few things to think about blogging before the end of the year.
What films I want to see next year.
I need to think about another Dish of the Week.
I need to stay chilled.

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