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I haven’t been on Tumblr too much over the last week so I thought I’d check it out and see what’s been going on.
I nearly died choking on my beer when I saw a set of Animated GIFs from a film I have been waiting to see now for 3 years!
They were posted by Karlurbaninternational. Not sure if they were responsible for the GIFs but I’m sure they’ll let me know.
Credit where credit is due and these GIFs need lots of credit!!

Strip 01 Strip 02 Strip 03gif

The Loft
Production wrapped in 2011 but due to a change of distributor has been put on hold and had release dates set and then pulled at the last minute.
I’ve been champing at the bit to see this film.
I’ve never seen Karl play a sleezeball before.

It finally had a release at a film festival in Belgium in October this year.
It is set for release in Canada on December 11th and then in the US on January 23rd.
Romania even has a release date of January 30th.
Is there a release date for the UK?


C’mon, they can’t do this to me.
I need a cold shower.

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