General diary entries


It always amazes me.
All the chores that always need doing, you never want to do when you have work the next day.
When you have annual leave all those chores are done and dusted by midday and you couldn’t care less.

This week we have spent three wonderful days in York spending far too much money on Xmas presents.

The Minster NEVER fails to take my breath away!

Back Pack
We even had to buy a HUGE rucksack to help carry all the shopping… and this was just one day!!

We’ve had an Orthopaedic appointment for Dharma about her knee which has basically stated she has some irritation behind the kneecap and as long as Dharma puts some hard work into her Physio she should be back to normal in 5 or 6 months!!
We’ve been into town to finish off some odds and ends Xmas shopping.
I’ve wrapped all the presents.
Yesterday we GUTTED the garage making 2 dump runs and put a few bits on Freegle.
Today I’m going to get dinner at Tesco’s and then I’m going to put my feet up!
I’m going to chill before I start to think about Xmas decorations over the weekend.

Next week will be Xmas food week.
Shopping and baking and no doubt eating and drinking far too much along the way.

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