General diary entries


It may be wet and horrible out there but we are not going to let that put the dampeners on the next few days.

It’s just gone 7am on a SUNDAY morning and we are just about to finish off the packing before making a move for York.

The kids are happy.
Dharma and Marjorie are checking into the Hotel Leadbetter today where they will be spoilt rotten for a few days.
My Mum never cooked me a breakfast before school in the mornings!!

Murron is staying at home.
We’ve given her some money for food but I suspect we will be coming home to a nose piercing!!
Hey Ho… as long as it’s not a tattoo just yet I can live with piercings.
She’s too young for a tat. She needs a bit more of a head on her shoulders and know her way in the world before she commits to a Tattoo.

Anyway, back to today.
Checking into the B+B at 14:00
Before that it will be shopping.
After that it will be more shopping and dinner.
Monday and Tuesday will be leisurly shopping, interspersed with a little drinking and dining.
Our aim over the next few days is to get the Xmas shopping finished.
We’ve already got the bulk of the kids Xmas goodies and are onto stocking fillers for them.
It’s shopping for others that we really need to concentrate on.

OK, let’s get this party started!!

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